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The Complete Guide to Tuna Oil Supplements

Is your brand thinking of expanding to tuna fish oil supplements? Demand for high-quality fish oil supplements has never been higher. Today’s customers have done their research. They know that fish oil can help with health, cognitive function, and beauty! That’s why they are eager to get their hands on quality, affordably priced fish oil supplements. 


Creating the right formulation is a big project to tackle for brands hoping to break into this space. Fortunately, a contract fish oil supplement manufacturer can guide your brand through the process. Icelandirect is responsible for formulating and manufacturing some of the best tuna oil fish supplements sold by well-known brands today. Are you wondering where to start with creating your brand’s new tuna fish oil supplement? Keep reading to learn what brands need to know about sourcing, formulation, packing, and distribution before deciding to introduce a new tuna fish oil supplement into a lineup.

What Are Fish Oil Supplements?

Fish oil is derived from the soft tissue of fish. While tuna is one of the most popular options, fish oil for supplements can also be derived from anchovies, herring, mackerel, wild Alaskan salmon, and other kinds of oily fish. Fish oil is known for being abundant in omega-3 fatty acids that come from the microalgae eaten by fish. Fish oil supplements provide fish oil in a pure form for easy digestion and absorption. Liquid fish oil and fish oil softgels offer potent, palatable ways to take fish oil daily.

Tuna Oil Supplement Benefits

Fish oil is associated with a long list of benefits for the brain and body! Many people are unaware of the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) actually recommend eating two servings of fish per week in order to tap into the protective qualities of omega-3 fatty acids in fish. For people who struggle to fit one to two servings in every week, supplementing tuna fish oil supplements can make a big difference. Here’s a rundown of some of the benefits associated with using tuna fish oil:


  • Improved Heart Health: Taking a tuna fish oil supplement regularly is associated with a lower risk for developing heart disease. In studies, consumption of fish oil was associated with improved cholesterol levels, decreased triglycerides, reduced blood pressure, and reduced arterial plaque.
  • Improved Mental Health: Tuna fish oil supplements have been shown to help improve symptoms of certain mental health conditions.
  • Eye Health: Not getting enough of the omega-3 fatty acids that are abundant in fish oil increases risks for vision loss. Studies show that consuming fish oil may create improvements in vision.
  • Reduce Inflammation: The strong anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil have been linked with improvements in chronic inflammation, faster healing, and pain relief.
  • Skin Health: Tuna fish oil supplements may help to keep skin looking healthy while also offering protection against common skin disorders.
  • Improved Liver Function: There’s evidence that taking tuna fish oil supplements may help to prevent nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).
  • Bone Health: The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may help to support stronger bone mineral density.
  • Healthy Pregnancy: Fish oil is increasingly being recommended to pregnant women to support healthy fetal brain development.

Consumers want a tuna oil supplement that offers the highest purity levels possible. When you choose Icelandirect to create your brand’s tuna fish oil supplements, you’ll be using tuna sourced from Icelandic waters using environmentally responsible methods. The purity of our production process enhances tuna oil supplement benefits by keeping fillers and additives out. In addition, we help customers enjoy the fullest tuna oil supplement benefits possible by designing bulk supplements to have the greatest bioavailability possible.

Why You Should Add Tuna Oil Supplements to Your Product Line

Bringing tuna fish oil supplements to your product lineup creates an incredible potential for brand growth. As awareness about tuna oil supplements grows, consumers are increasingly looking for innovative new products at various price points that can help them reach their wellness goals. When you work with a fish oil supplement manufacturer, such as Icelandirect, you have the opportunity to set your brand apart by offering unmatched quality. This, as well as using a cost-effective method for having your tuna oil supplement produced means that you can offer a premium product at a competitive price point compared to other brands. What’s more, the money you’ll save by utilizing a state-of-the-art supplement facility will leave you with the capital needed to fund a heavy marketing campaign that spreads your brand messaging far and wide to the targeted consumers.

Develop Your New Tuna Oil Supplement With a Respected Contract Manufacturer

Are you ready to tap into the buzz surrounding tuna oil supplement benefits? While wellness trends may come and go, science-backed fish oil benefits will only cause this sector of the supplement industry to continue to grow. At Icelandirect, we source our raw ingredients from fresh, crisp Icelandic waters using environmentally responsible fishing methods that are endorsed by major agencies from around the globe. That means that you’ll be selling supplements that have been manufactured in compliance with parameters set by the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the World Health Organization, Friends of the Sea, Iceland Responsible Fisheries, NOAA’s Seafood Inspection Program, California’s Proposition 65 standards, and more. 


We are proud to offer brands of all sizes a way to sell products using sustainable, dolphin-friendly fishing methods. Ask about our vegetarian omega-3 supplements if you’re appealing to diverse markets! 


In addition to offering raw ingredients of the highest quality, we also bring formulations to life using the strictest production standards on the globe. All of our supplements are made in a state-of-the-art facility in New Jersey. As adaptable contract manufacturers, we can help you sell both custom formulations and standard formulations in batches of all sizes. Icelandirect customers enjoy full-service options for manufacturing, emulsification, packaging, shipping, and order fulfillment for retail stores and Amazon fulfillment. Contact us today to get a quote for bringing your new tuna fish oil supplement to the market!

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