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How Do You Verify The Quality Of Fish Oil Supplements?

We all know that omega-3 fatty acids are essential in the diet because of the vast and thriving range of scientific research that proves their multiple health benefits.

How Do You Verify The Quality Of Fish Oil Supplements?
How Do You Verify The Quality Of Fish Oil Supplements?

Following recent reports that some dietary supplement products may not include what is stated on their labels, consumers are becoming more cautious and interested in the products they purchase.

Fish oil is a safe source of omega-3 fatty acids, however, some fish oil is better quality than others, not considered fresher, better tasting, and derived with greater environmental sensitivity. But how do we know we’re getting high-quality, fresh fish oil supplements?

1. Source

You know your fish oil supplement is made from fish—but what kind of fish, and where did it come from?


You might not believe it matters, but some fish are higher in omega-3s than others—and a supplement derived from a single form of omega-3-rich fish has some huge benefits.


If you want to avoid a jumble of different fish (possibly from all over the world) being mixed into a single product, look for a fish oil supplement that lists a single kind of fish as its source.

2. Form

Aside from the source of the omega-3s in a fish oil supplement, you should also consider the form of those healthy fats. The triglyceride form of fish oil is better. It is the form found naturally and native to fish, and it is the most quickly digested by your digestive tract.

3. Potency

The potency of a supplement pertains to how much of the key nutrient(s) or active ingredients it consists of, which is directly related to its efficacy. The active ingredients we’re concerned about for effectiveness in omega-3-rich fish and their oils are the marine omega-3s EPA and DHA. Their total represents the correct potency of your product. As per experts, Most adults should aim for 500 milligrams of EPA and DHA per day. Our high-quality omega-3 supplements has the adequate amount of both the fatty acids.

4. Purity

From the raw materials to the final product, prestigious brands invest in the reliability of their supplements. Purity is essential for fish oil in particular, which implies that heavy metals, dioxins, furans, and PCB levels should be as minimal as possible.


One of the key benefits of fish oil is that you can eat fish without worrying about contaminants because the fish oil is purified using green technology. Icelandirect ensures to deliver pure and high-quality fish oil supplements.

5. Sustainability

With more consumers becoming aware of sustainability matters relating to commercial fisheries and ocean wellness, it is crucial that they consider the environmental impacts of any fish oil supplement they may add to their routine.


A sustainable fish oil supplement considers the environment and enhances the environmental footprint, from sea to softgel supplements.


A supplement should be made from sustainably sourced, wild-caught, cold-water fish, and from a company that uses less fossil fuel and more substitute energy sources while minimizing the use of plastic.


Icelandirect has gained certifications for manufacturing top-rated omega-3 supplements in an environment-friendly manner. Contact us for your next fish oil supplement.

6. Transparency

The transparency of the brand determines your ability to get a clear picture of a fish oil supplement’s sourcing, quality, purity, and sustainability. The more information a manufacturer provides about their supplement, the more assured you can be in using it.


We integrate quality assurance for verifying the quality of our products and ensure to offer high-quality omega-3 supplements with enough transparency.

The Bottom-line

The advantages of o3 fish oil are countless, however, you will only get them if you have got the right high-quality omega-3 supplements. Although there are many high-quality fish oil supplements on the US market, you have to look for the above-mentioned factors to get the purest and better quality for you.


We are the top-rated omega-3 supplement manufacturer in the USA. Our best quality fish oil supplements are popular in the market.


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