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Top Selling Supplements on Amazon

Sell Supplement On Amazon

Selling Supplements on Amazon

Icelandirect can show you how to sell supplements and vitamins on Amazon including private label vitamins and dietary health supplements. We’ll also help you learn how to use Amazon’s warehousing and customer fulfillment service (FBA). Our program makes it easy to get started selling your product to consumers across the country.

Selling supplements on Amazon can be overwhelming at first. But with help from Icelandirect, we will have you up and selling in no time! Whether you are new to selling supplement online with Amazon or have a complete brand up and selling, Icelandirect can help you maximize your time, energy, and most importantly, your ROI. 

Start Selling Your Privately-Labeled Product on Amazon in Minutes

Icelandirect Amazon Guide

Sell Supplements Online with Amazon

Amazon supplement sale is now the leading source of consumers purchases of vitamins and supplements. Now you can sell your own private label vitamins and bulk supplements on Amazon and, using their low-cost Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) program, you can take advantage of Amazon’s drop shipping and warehouse program. You can set up your own private-label amazon selling supplements store and start selling immediately.

Wholesale Pricing, Logo/Label Design

Icelandirect will provide you with the highest quality vitamin and supplement products and help you create a unique brand using our private-label amazon selling program. We offer wholesale pricing, logo design, and label design services to get you started. Selling supplements on amazon is worth it for your business.

Benefits of Icelandirect’s Private Labeling Service:

  • Minimum orders as low as just 500 bottles for private labeling
  • Graphic design services and label printing
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Over 500 high-quality vitamins and dietary health supplements
  • Every private label vitamins and supplements we manufacture has a 2-year shelf life
  • Volume discounts on large order sizes
  • FDA Registered production facility

Amazon’s 5-Step Fulfillment Program

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) not only shows you how to sell supplements on Amazon, but it also allows you to store your private label Amazon vitamins and Amazon supplements at their warehouse. Each time you receive an order Amazon will pick, pack and ship the items directly to your customer. Amazon supplement sales have proven for the highest customer satisfaction.

Step 1: We send your products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers

  • Upload your listings to Amazon’s system – choose as many or as few products as you like
  • Print PDF product and shipment labels provided by Amazon
  • Use Amazon’s discounted shipping or select your own carrier

Step 2: Amazon stores your products

  • Amazon catalogs and stores your products in our ready-to-ship inventory
  • Amazon receives and scans your inventory
  • We record Item dimensions for storage
  • You monitor inventory using our integrated online tracking system

Step 3: Customers order your products

  • Customers search for and purchase your products directly on, or other e-commerce channels such as from your site.
  • Your listings on are eligible for Amazon Prime and free shipping on orders over $35, and rank by price excluding shipping.
  • You can expand to list and fulfill your products globally
  • FBA sellers report sales increases – in a 2013 survey, 73% of FBA respondents reported that their Unit sales increased on more than 20%, since joining FBA

Step 4: Amazon picks and packs your products

  • Fulfillment by Amazon picks your products from inventory and packages them
  • Amazon locates your products using our advanced web-to-warehouse, high-speed picking and sorting system
  • We manage your order volume – whether you get a few orders a day or a thousand
  • Customers can combine their orders with other products fulfilled by Amazon

Step 5: Amazon ships your products and provides support.

  • Amazon ships products to customers from our network of fulfillment centers
  • Amazon ships customer orders using the method they choose
  • All outbound shipping costs are included in your service fees
  • We provide tracking information for customers

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