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Encapsulated Product manufacturing & packaging

Encapsulated Product
Encapsulated Manufacturing & Encapsulated Packaging

Icelandirect is one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the USA that specializes in encapsulated product manufacturing and packaging. We have been at the forefront of encapsulated manufacturing services since 2010, developing encapsulated product solutions for leading supplement providers all over the world.

Encapsulated products are growing in popularity due to their convenience and ease of use. Whether you are starting a new vitamin and supplement company or have an established brand, Icelandirect will be a true partner helping you deliver the best products to your clients. 

While there are a number of product packaging manufacturers, Icelandirect is a vitamin and supplement packaging manufacturer that prioritizes our customers above all else.

Icelandirect offers revolutionary encapsulated packaging services. We have a team of professionals on hand to collaborate with you as an extension of your research and development (R&D) team, whether you are designing a new product or attempting to solve a manufacturing challenge.

Product Packaging Manufacturer

As a leading packaging manufacturer, we offer a variety of encapsulation solutions for a variety of uses, ranging from shelf life extension to chew time extension, pH monitoring to flavor masking.

Modern, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities include full in-house laboratories and are GMP certified and ISO 9001 compliant to aid in the encapsulated manufacturing process.

Icelandirect offers our client’s a complete menu of production options, including:

  • Bovine, porcine, fish or vegetable (vegan)
  • Enhanced nutrient bioavailability
  • Easy-digestible
  • Easy-swallow
  • Hermetically-sealed
  • Sealed and protected from oxygen and light
  • Inherently tamper-proof
  • Content uniformity and precision dosage
  • Tailored and attractive appearance
  • Ease of product differentiation by color, size, and shape
  • Odor-masking, flavors or flavor-free

Supplement Packaging Manufacturer

As a valued strategic partner, we can offer a comprehensive program of services, turnkey solutions, and client support that is unmatched in the industry. Our product development team can provide customized, proprietary formulations designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers and their method of distribution. Our vertically integrated manufacturing and packaging process allows us to schedule flexible production runs to respond quickly to shifting market demands. Every step of the way, we are committed to your growth and success!

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