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Best Fish and Sea Oil
Supplement Ingredients

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Icelandirect supplies customers with many exciting options in fish and marine oils. We have the best omega-3 fish oil supplements in numerous distinct EE and TG concentrations. These concentrations are appropriate for human beings and pets. If you want superior Omega-3s, tuna oil, squalene, wild Alaskan salmon oil, cod liver oil, algal DHA oil, krill oil, and shark liver oil, then you have come to the right place!

As a fish oil manufacturer that mainly sources ingredients from Iceland, our number one focus is providing the highest quality fish oils to our clients. Sourcing our fish oil from Icelandic waters allows us to provide pure, potent, and sustainable omega-3 fish and marine oils. Today’s consumers are more informed about what makes a great omega-3 fish oil supplement, so be sure your fish oil lives to their expectations.

Standard Omega-3 Fish Oils:
Other Sea and Marine Oils:
Concentrated Fish Oils:

Important factors when choosing a fish oil manufacturer and supplier:

  1. Molecularly distilled fish oil – Consumers look for molecularly distilled fish oil products because they’re aware of the dangers of PCBs, heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants. These toxins occur naturally in fish products which makes it essential to remove them. As a quality-driven fish oil supplier, we ensure our products go through a process. This process will remove these contaminants and toxins without diminishing the quality of the product.
  2. Naturally Sourced Ingredients – Omega-3 manufacturers should source ingredients naturally to market high-quality fish oil. You want to avoid omega-3 manufacturers that are not transparent about where they source their fish from and what fish they use. Farmed fish are pumped with hormones and antibiotics while also having high levels of PCBs and other toxins. By sourcing from natural waters, you can be transparent in your marketing and attract more consumers.
  3. Freshness Should Be Top Priority – One of the biggest problems that you’ll face is the freshness of the fish oil. Fish oil can get rotten very quickly, so you need an omega-3 manufacturer that accounts for this. You want to make sure that their facilities produce the products to protect against oxidation and heat damage. You also want to make sure that each order is time-stamped and given an expiration date. Finally, the omega-3 manufacturer should pack to protect the products from damage caused by shipping.
  4. Make Sure the Fish Oil is Pure and Potent – What you’re looking for from the fish oil is the DHA and EPA content. So your fish oil manufacturer should have a quality check to ensure high levels of DHA and EPA. Some manufacturers will customize your product by adding in other vitamins but that shouldn’t be the main focus. Consumers often compare DHA/EPA levels between fish oil supplements to make a decision.

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