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Wholesale Omega-3 Salmon Oil for Private Labeling

Omega-3 Salmon oil can be considered an option for superior health benefits. Looking for a trustable source of wholesale salmon oil? Icelandirect is a company that sells wholesale salmon oil from Iceland’s waters.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

We understand that more people are interested in highly specific fish oil. They want to know what is in their fish oil, so wholesale salmon oil is a great option for your company. Going above and beyond generic fish oil will assist your company stands out in the industry.

Why should you choose wholesale Salmon Oil?

As mentioned before, wholesale salmon oil allows you to market your fish oil with transparency. Many fish oil supplements are very unclear about where the fish oil comes from. Salmon is also known as one of the healthiest fish you can consume. Hence, Salmon omega-3 soft-gels are among the better choice as fish oil supplements. 

Even if you are marketing a generic fish oil product, sourcing salmon fish oil can be a great way to expand your product line and target more sophisticated consumers. 

Wholesale salmon oil is also a good choice because some consumers also look for salmon fish oil due to its naturally higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Many of the fish oil products in the marketplace suffer from low levels of EPA and DHA. As a result, consumers have to consume twice the dosage compared to fish oils with higher levels. These products are sold at cheaper price points but the price points do not always reflect the value. Omega-3 Salmon oil plus supplements should be of better quality and effective.

With our pure Alaska omega wild salmon oil, you are creating a strong value proposition for your product. Consumers know that your fish oil is a quality product they can trust. They’re not buying a fish oil product that’s made of low-quality fish. This will help with your branding while also allowing you to sell at higher price points for greater profit margins.

Wholesale Salmon Oil Is Made Easier with Private Label Salmon Oil

At Icelandirect, we understand how challenging it is to go through the process of creating a new product. The amount of time and money it costs can really be an obstacle for smaller companies. 

That’s why we private label salmon oil suppliers for other businesses. We have a proven formula that is already being sold by many companies. It’s simply a matter of ordering our formulation to sell in your physical or online store.

We can also drop ship the private label salmon oil if you have challenges with an inventory. We’ll work with you to create the bottling, labelling, and packaging for the private-label salmon oil to have the product fit with your brand. This will allow you to stay competitive with bigger companies with bigger budgets.

Don’t forget that Icelandirect sells wholesale salmon oil from Alaska’s natural waters. Many salmon oil manufacturers’ products are factory farmed. These salmon oil bulk products have relatively low potency. 

And there are various challenges, such as toxins that are hazardous to consumers’ health. This, blended with our private label salmon oil services, makes us a trustable wholesale salmon oil supplier.

Contact Icelandirect for your next Salmon omega-3 soft-gels project!

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