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We offer a range of services and products that you can choose by simply clicking on the list of “Services & Products” in our website’s main navigation. You can pick any service or product as per your requirements. However, our contract manufacturing and private labeling services are the most popular ones.

Icelandirect holds numerous certifications regarding the importing of fish, salmon and other marine oils for both human and pet consumption. Our main source of fish oil is Iceland because the it consistently produces the highest quality fish oils available anywhere. While the main source of our (wild) salmon oil is Alaska, also renowned for producing the highest quality salmon oil on the planet.

A Contract manufacturing service is more adaptable than a manufacturing service. Contract manufacturing is outlined as the production of goods by one company for another company’s brand or label. This is an outsourcing procedure carried out by a contract manufacturer who provides such services to a number of businesses.

Nutritional supplements manufacturing is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Usually, businesses hire nutritional supplements manufacturers to undertake the production process. At Icelandirect, you will not only get manufacturing service but also custom formulation, encapsulation, private label packaging, warehousing, and many more. Hence, you can run your business without any worry about the manufacturing process.

For a few reasons, as industry professionals, we suggest that you begin with our carefully designed stock formulations. By private labeling one of our stock formulations, you can benefit from reduced pricing by purchasing the latest releases from an absolutely enormous production run with shorter lead times. Custom formulations cost more for an unconfirmed formula in smaller quantities with longer lead times.
We collaborate with both domestic and international suppliers of materials. Our vendors are selected based on a variety of criteria, such as the quality of the materials they offer, adherence to the most recent FDA regulations and other best practices, and cost. All of the ingredients we use satisfy our quality, purity, and potency standards.

Icelandirect offers a wide range of services, so you will have all the facilities of supplement manufacturing in one place. We provide products such as fish oil, gummies, pet fish oil supplements, etc. Contact us for more information! 

Private label manufacturing entails charging a manufacturer to generate their product under your brand. It’s perfect for businesses who want to market an existing product but don’t have the design or manufacturing resources to make it themselves. The product requirements, materials, and methods are all under the control of the producer.

When your private label supplement is flying off the shelves, you’ll need a well-organized and reliable storage and shipping facility. We have a large, state-of-the-art warehouse where your goods can be stored. We pick, pack, and deliver all orders, big and small, from here. We provide advanced software to precisely keep inventory and provide vital statistics that can help you in a variety of ways. For more information click here!

Liquids, capsules, softgels, tablets, gummies, and powders are some of the product forms we produce.

MOQ is an abbreviation for minimum order quantity, which represents the number of bottles that a manufacturer can produce.
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