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Plant-Based Omega-3 Algal Oil

Algal oil supplements offer your customers a high-quality plant based omega-3 fish oil alternative. If you are interested in providing your clients a vegan omega-3 algal oil supplement, it must begin with pure algal oil that is made in the USA. When choosing the right vegetarian or vegan omega-3 supplement, it is important to understand the vital role that sourcing and production play in providing the very best product for your customers. This guide will cover the essentials of creating your own algal oil supplement.

What Is Plant Based Omega-3 Algal Oil?

The benefits of fish oil are widely known by medical providers, widely shared by wellness influencers, and widely used by people seeking supplements that offer vitality. However, vegans and vegetarians who are seeking supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids are often conflicted because they don’t want to consume fish oil. Currently, algal oil vegan supplements provide the best alternative to actual fish oil. Like fish oil, algal comes from the ocean. However, it is a plant-based source of nutrients that offers extra benefits for sustainability.


Algal is oil extracted from marine algae. It is seen as a nutritionally valuable oil because it contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids called docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Another benefit of algal is that it’s actually produced using a number of algae species. For supplement brands, that means that sourcing affordable oil is easier. Products made from algal are sometimes marketed as DHA algal oil because DHA is such a widely used supplement.

Is Plant Based Omega-3 Algal Oil 100% Vegan?

Yes, any algal oil supplement that is made with 100% algal oil can be considered a vegan-safe supplement. This is important because most people who select algal supplements over fish oil do so for dietary reasons. A supplement should not be labeled as a vegan omega-3 supplement if it contains any traces of actual fish oil.

Plant Based Omega-3 Algal Oil Benefits

“Omega-3 fatty acids are good for your heart, and your body needs DHA for a healthy brain,” according to experts at Mount Sinai. Many vegans utilize DHA algal oil because this supplement can help to fill in the gaps of omega-3 levels for people who don’t consume fish, eggs, and other foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Pregnant and nursing women who maintain vegan diets are often instructed to use DHA algal oil vegan omega-3 softgels to help with fetal development.

Babies require DHA for the healthy development of the skin, eyes, brain, and nervous system. After birth, infants require DHA during the first six months of life to continue healthy development. While infants cannot take vegan omega-3 softgels, nursing mothers can transmit the amount of DHA algal oil needed by infants through breast milk. In fact, many infant formulas now contain either fish-based DHA or DHA algal oil.

Experts at Mount Sinai also share that adults should be getting up to 200 milligrams of DHA when using vegan omega-3 supplements. Many people take DHA algal oil for general wellness and energy. DHA is also used to tame ADHD symptoms, improve symptoms of depression, lower risks for developing heart disease, reduce menstrual pain, reduce the sensitivity to cold that is experienced by people living with Raynaud syndrome, and help joint pain associated with lupus.

Algal oil vegan products are commonly used for their anti-inflammatory benefits. As a result, many people seek out plant based omega-3 softgels to help treat pain and inflammation of the body. Plant based omega-3 softgels are also often recommended by doctors, nutritionists, and holistic experts to improve memory and cognitive function. A plant based omega-3 supplement can provide incredible protection against mental and physical burnout for people who are following vegan diets. Finally, there’s evidence that taking plant based omega-3 softgels containing algal oil vegan ingredients can help to reduce blood clots.

Plant Based Algal Oil vs Fish Oil Comparison

While both fish oil and DHA algal oil from plants are packed with natural DHA and other anti-inflammatory agents, the two sources have different compositions. Fish oil is derived from tissues of oily fish. Most fish oil supplements on the market today that are made from actual animal sources instead of algal oil vegan sources come from salmon, mackerel, and tuna.

This is very different from the way that algal oil vegan products are sourced. DHA algal oil is extracted from marine algae. While some of the algae used to make vegan omega-3 softgels is wild algae, certain algae species are commercially grown specifically to be used to satisfy the growing demand for plant based omega-3 softgels. This enhances the reliability and dependability of the supply chain for brands that manufacture algal oil supplements. It also helps to keep prices more consistent.

Plant based omega-3 softgels and products derived from live fish have different environmental implications. For many people, algal oil vegan products represent an opportunity to get benefits from DHA and other omega-3 fatty acids without depleting the world’s oceans of fish. Many see vegan omega-3 supplements as simply being better for the environment than traditional fish oil supplements. However, the benefits for sustainability that vegan DHA algal oil provides do come with a cost.

Generally, vegan omega-3 softgels made with algal oil are several times more expensive to produce than comparable fish oil supplements. This is a price that gets passed down to the consumer. With algal oil being such a niche product, many people who search for these products are willing to pay a premium to get what they need. Another difference is potency. Algal vegan omega-3 supplements generally have lower concentrations of EPA and DHA per serving compared to traditional fish oil. The ratio of DHA to EPA is also higher compared to fish oil.

Omega-3 Algal Oil Supplement Manufacturing

Once you know that you want to bring a plant based omega-3 product to the market, the next question comes down to how you want to produce the product. For most brands and retailers, creating a plant based omega-3 supplement from scratch requires outside help. This is where a third-party plant based omega-3 manufacturer comes into the picture.

Icelandirect formulates and manufactures both softgel and liquid algal oil supplements at our state-of-the-art, fully certified facilities located in New Jersey. Your brand’s products will be fermented, extracted, and refined right here in a cGMP factory in the United States. Next, learn what you need to know about making vegan omega-3 softgels manufacturing affordable and scalable.

Plant Based Vegan Algal Oil Omega-3 Softgel Supplement Manufacturing

Icelandirect is the leader in vegan omega-3 supplement manufacturing. We have the supply chain in place to source raw materials of the highest quality for vegan omega-3 products. When you have your brand’s plant based omega-3 softgels formulated and manufactured by Icelandirect, you can be certain that your products will be free of all:

  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Allergen
  • Toxins
  • Contaminants

Purity is just one benefit of formulating with us. Our high-potency algae provides superior bioavailability and absorption to help your products give your customers the best value compared to competitors. Customers love that our vegan DHA oil products never have a fishy taste!

Plant-Based Vegan Algal Oil Omega-3 Liquid Supplement Manufacturing

People who don’t want to swallow vegan omega-3 softgels may shop for liquid supplements. In addition to formulating a liquid algal product with enhanced purity and bioavailability, our team can also handle all aspects of packaging and bottling to ensure that freshness and potency are maintained.

Bring Your Product to Life With a Trusted Algal Oil Manufacturer

Private-label supplement manufacturing is the way that many brands that are sold online, in stores, and at wellness clinics are made today. For brands, this creates an opportunity to keep production costs low by avoiding the need to finance the construction of a facility, research and development, and staff training.

Icelandirect is proud to be a highly rated, highly trusted supplement contract manufacturer and contact bottle-filling company. Our full-service approach to helping clients create and sell wellness products in the United States makes launching a best-selling supplement line easier than ever. Contact us today to get a custom quote for your algal oil supplement.

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