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Squalane and Squalene

Squalane from Olives

Squalene & Squalane Oil Bulk Vitamins Supplement Distributors

One of the more surprising trends in the supplement industry is Squalane. This is a compound that has many benefits to your skin and hair. It is normally produced by your skin cells but declines as you get older. Similar products such as collagen have been becoming popular for the same reason. Icelandirect is a squalane oil bulk manufacturer and supplier.

Our Approach to This New Supplement

More consumers are learning about this supplement, so it’s becoming increasingly popular along with collagen. However, some companies have been selling a product that derived from marine life. Supplement companies need to move to more sustainable solutions. We are a leading squalane oil distributor with eco-friendly measures in the USA.

Hence, we are offering olive Squalane oil bulk to our partners. Olive is a more sustainable ingredient for Squalane. All consumers know what olives are and see them as a quality ingredient they’re familiar with. As a result, the olive product is more relatable to them than a product that’s derived from marine life.

The Nutrition Industry is Talking About This Supplement

There are multiple reasons why this supplement is starting to get a lot of attention in the nutrition industry. First of all, it’s been known to increase the production of collagen. This is a big selling point in the beauty industry as the industry is heading towards supplementation in addition to cosmetics.

Second, it helps aid in the hydration of your skin. This is important in preventing wrinkles and other skin conditions that occur with the aging process. You can say it’s like a moisturizer that helps your skin from the inside-out.

Thirdly, it has other benefits to protecting against DNA damage, increasing fat metabolism, and potentially increasing LDL (healthy cholesterol). These are all important benefits against age-related diseases and health conditions.

Adding Olive Squalane to Your Product Line

For these reasons, a squalene supplement may be a great addition to your product line. It hasn’t received as much attention as other supplements like fish oil. This indicates that it’s an opportunity to get into the product category very early before many of your competitors do.

Icelandirect is already manufacturing high-quality Squalane supplements. If you have an existing customer database, it may help you grow your revenue very quickly. And as the mainstream consumers start recognizing its benefits, you’ll have already established a strong position in the marketplace.

To learn more about how our supplements are, contact us. We’ll give you the specifics of how it’s produced, our special process, and even ideas about marketing the product.

Squalane vs Squalene - What Is the Difference?

Did you know that squalane and squalene are different? Squalane and squalene are basically the same compound, but the difference is defined by the spelling (with an “a” or an “e”).

Squalene is natural, less stable form of squalene meaning it is not ideal for the skin.
Squalene is put through a refining process to convert it into squalene.
Squalane is a stable compound that is suitable for skincare.

What is squalane?
Squalane is a lipid compound that is used for a number of skin issues. It is used as moisturizer and soother of inflammation for sensitive skin.
Essentially, squalane is a great product to use to promote healthy skin as it can be used by all skin types.

Where does squalane derive?
Squalane is derived from three main sources: shark liver, olives and rice bran.

Squalene From Shark Liver

Squalene From Shark Liver

As you may have heard, squalene is becoming more recognized by consumers. The main selling point is that it helps with anti-aging. The compound is known to help moisturize the skin and help with collagen production. It’s promoted as a supplement that people should take for cosmetic reasons and its nutritional benefits.

Two Different Types of the Supplement

It’s important to understand that the compounds can be found in olives and shark liver. Some consumers may opt for the more sustainable option sourced from olives. They may not like the concept of animal cruelty and may not support a product that derived from animals even if it is done sustainably.

However, some consumers may prefer shark liver squalene. The reason why is shark liver is known to have the highest concentrations of the compound. Many consumers are already used to consuming fish oil and krill oil. These same consumers may be very open to taking this new squalene supplement.

Squalene Supplementation is Starting to Grow in Popularity

Along with bone broth and collagen, consumers are becoming more interested in products that are going to help their skin and hair. However, this new product hasn’t become mainstream yet due to a lack of knowledge about its existence. Consumers are not aware of this exciting new product that can make a difference in both their appearance and health.

What may also help get this squalene supplement more noticed is the other health benefits. Squalene vitamins are recognized for their anti-cancer properties. It is a strong antioxidant and potential heart health benefits. Both the focus on the health and cosmetic benefits may help it become a staple in many people’s diets just like fish oil is.

Which Version, Squalane or Squalene, Should You Sell?

It may be wise to have both forms of the supplement available to consumers. As mentioned earlier, some consumers may opt for a sustainable product while others may want a more effective product found in shark liver squalene. Icelandirect provides both options for supplement companies.

If you are looking to expand your product line, you should try to market this exciting product to your target audience and customers. We already have a supply chain that sources the compound from high-quality ingredients. We have private label products that can be quickly put under your brand and sold to your customers.

Contact us to learn more about the squalene as well as how you can market it effectively.

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