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Why Human Grade Omega-3 Fish Oil for Pet Supplement Manufacturing

Icelandirect is a leading US based pet supplement manufacturer. We use only the highest quality omega-3 fish oil and salmon oil for our pet supplements.

Standard omega-3 oils sold in bulk to pet food manufacturers can contain higher levels of toxins and lower levels of pure omega-3 fatty acids that you want from an omega-3 supplier. The higher-tier bulk omega-3, HGO3, is manufactured to standards that make it appropriate for use in products designed for human consumption. 


Refining fish oil to provide a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids can add to the costs of omega-3 manufacturing. But here at Icelandirect, we produce HG03 at half the price of regular 18/12 ratio formulas. We manufacture HGO3 certified private-label pet products for pets.

Not All Pet Fish Oil Is Created Equal - Find the Best Pet Product Manufacturer!

Making sure you source the highest quality omega fish oil for dogs and cats for your pet companion is very important.


For premium brands, typically, wild-caught salmon (usually from Alaska or Iceland) is used to produce the highest quality pet fish oil supplements.


However, many brands use farm-raised salmon as an alternative due to availability on cost. But as more research has been done, it has shown the diet of the farm-raised salmon (usually grains, corn, and groundfish) does not provide the same nutrient dense diet of wild salmon.


With a robust and varying diet, wild salmon consume algae, plankton, and krill. This diet of high density, nutrient rich foods which is where the wild salmon derive their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.


That is why you will normally find much lower levels of omeg-3 fatty acids in farm raised fish.

Icelandirect Fish Oil Supplements and Pet Treat Products

Moreover, from being a premier omega-3 manufacturer, we also produce other fish products for use in the pet food and treat industry. Our private-label pet products such as fish treats and chews are obtained from sustainable fishing grounds. They are high in protein and low in saturated fats. Plus, they contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids for promoting optimal pet health. 


We also will produce private label products for pet food companies to market. Our fresh products are made from 100 percent natural human-grade products that pet food and treat suppliers can trust. Our fish oil for pets product is purely extracted through environmental-friendly ways.

18/12 Omega-3 Fish Oil Pet Supplements

This product is known as the entry-level fish oil for a raw ingredient used in omega-3 manufacturing products. It has 18 percent EPA and 12 percent DHA for a total of 30 percent omega-3 fatty acids. The balance of the oil is fish fat, which is not the beneficial omega-3 acids desired. 


At Icelandirect, we are an omega-3 supplier of HG03 cod liver, salmon and tuna oils that are rich in EPA and DHA, fully refined for human consumption, and half the cost of 18/12 ratio fish oils. Pet omega-3 supplement is rich in omega-3 fatty acids to boost immunity and prevent illness-causing factors in pets.

The Step Up in Pet Food and Treat Manufacturing

According to the latest statistics estimated by American Pet Products Association [APPA], Americans spent about $99 billion on pet products in 2020. It’s the highest recorded trend in the pet product industry. 

Consumers are also being more health-minded for their pets and desiring organic and human-grade ingredients to be used in the manufacturing of foods and treats for their pets. They are also willing to spend more on food and treats that use quality ingredients. 

We are a human-grade omega-3 manufacturer of fish oil for pets and pet owners. Our fish oil manufacturing provides top-quality omega-3 bulk oil for human and pet products. There is no need for pet food and treat manufacturers to settle for lower quality 18/12 or less refined animal-grade fish oils in their products when our HGO3 is available at a lower cost than 18/12.

The pet food industry becomes an earnings giant from premium and ultra-premium pet fish oil supplements to gourmet pet treats for pet products companies. Sourcing quality ingredients came to the forefront with the melamine tragedy of 2007, where contaminated wheat gluten coming out of China was used in pet foods and caused kidney failure and death. It’s a wake-up call to pet food and treats producers for carefully vet their raw material providers. 

Quality premium pet foods and treats use many ingredients in their recipes, and sourcing top-quality omega-3 fish oil for pets is used to maintain a balance between quality and affordability. Now, human-grade fish oil for dogs is available at a lower cost than standard omega-3 bulk oil from our omega-3 manufacturing facility.

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