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Iceland Premium Imported Omega-3 Fish Oils

Iceland Premium Imported

Why put Iceland Premium Imported on your label?

Our supplier’s production facility in Iceland has been a leader in the research, development, processing, selling and marketing of marine lipids for decades. In partnership with this reliable producer, our primary goal is to bring to the U.S. market the highest quality products. There are many reasons why we can provide you with quality fish oil direct from Iceland:

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  • Fishing, rendering, processing, encapsulation, packaging, ocean shipping, and warehousing under our control throughout the process ensures care, freshness and quality from the sea to your facility.
  • The quality of our products is ensured through rigorous quality systems and controls. A new, state-of-the-art processing plant was opened in 2005, enabling the manufacture of products that are second to none in quality.
  • 6 scientists work full-time in Quality Control and are responsible for the control of incoming goods, analysis of finished products, and release of finished products.
  • Our drying facility uses only green technology: Geothermal water and energy are used to run the processing plant.
  • During our state-of-the-art processing, metals are removed during alkali refining and bleaching, pesticides are removed by deodorization, and dioxin is removed by adsorbents during bleaching leaving our fish oils at contaminant levels below regulatory limits after refining of fish oils.
Icelandirect Product Process Flow
  • Batches are regularly sent out to third-party testing laboratories to measure toxicity levels and potency.
  • The factory processes fish oils with GMP compliance for API’s (certificate IS/03/07).
  • The packing unit packs retail products, liquid, capsules and tablets. This unit is GMP approved (certificate IS/01/07).
  • The oil meets or exceeds all official regulations in regards to environmental contaminants.
  • The oil is available in accordance with all major pharmacopoeias.
  • Top quality fish oil, vitamin formulas or other supplements can be fully packaged under your own brand.
  • Our supplier has initiated and encouraged continuing intensive research and has frequently surpassed the authorities in the research process. It was the only company of its kind that systematically checked if “foreign objects” were evident in fish liver. The company leads the way in omega-3 research and collaborates with research bodies worldwide.
  • All of our products meet the parameters defined by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization.

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