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Icelandirect is the leader supplier of  bulk omega-3 fish oil supplements and bulk supplements of all kinds. We specialize in bulk omega-3 fish oils in liquid, softgel, and powder form. We provide the purest, highest quality fish oil to our clients. Whether your brand requires premium wild Alaskan salmon oilIcelandic fish oil, or vegetarian DHA algal oil, we carry a wide array of bulk omega-3 oils.

In addition to our standard omega oils, Icelandirect also specializes in customer oil blends. By combining different oils, we can achieve any amount of total omega-3, DHA and EPA you may require. Or perhaps you need bulk omega-3 powder, we also carry a wide variety of bulk powders including many omega-3 options.
New refining plants in Reykjavik are equipped with highly specialized processing equipment necessary for high-quality bulk fish oil production. The new plants make it possible for us to offer a wide range of products, fulfilling all our customer’s requirements concerning quality and flexibility.
For emphasizing high product quality and consistency of service, our fish oils are produced by HACCP and ISO 9001 certifications. All of our products are 3rd-party tested. Our production is governed by a GMP Manufacturing License from the Icelandic Medicines Agency. That too for the manufacture of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).
Our bulk nutrition supplements include Cod Liver Oil, Omega-3 Fish Oil, Salmon Oil, Tuna Oil, Shark Liver Oil, and Squalene. We offer a range of standard products that can be adjusted to our customer’s requirements. We offer EPA and DHA products in both EE and TG up to 90% concentration.
Our bulk supplements fish oil comply with all major pharmacopeias and the CRN monograph while meeting all official regulations in regards to environmental contaminants. They are free from genetically modified materials (GMO) and components and can be fortified with vitamins A, D & E, antioxidants, and flavors upon request. We can deliver products in drums, IBC’s, flexitanks, or tank containers.
Icelandirect is a bulk fish oil manufacturing company. We provide high-quality bulk fish oil supplements in the USA. Our manufacturing process goes through green technology for which we are certified with Green-tech certification. Along with that, we hold many other certifications to serve eco-friendly and sustainable products to our consumers. We are certified by USDA organic to manufacture and supply supplements produced with organic ingredients only.
For making and importing the best bulk omega-3 fish oil supplements, we are even praised by Supply side West and have made huge collaborations. We are a bulk fish oil supplier ensuring to meet the demand of our potential clients and do satisfy their requirements too.
Manufacturing fish oil supplements with all intact purity and nutritional quality in the raw ingredients is the main motive of Icelandirect. The manufacturing or distributing procedure doesn’t harm or diffuse its essence of nutritional benefit. We manufacture and supply bulk nutrition supplements that are lab tested. Despite this, we work adhering to the rules of FDA-registered. We provide bulk powder, no additives, no colors, only undiluted or unadulterated finished products.
Many pet industries are also associated with Icelandirect to get bulk HGO3 pet products. We are among the highest bulk pet products suppliers too. Our efforts are to fulfill the increasing supplements demand of humans and pets with our bulk supplements production.

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