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Cod Liver Oil Emulsion
Fish oil Emulsion

Omega-3 Fish Oil Emulsions and Powders for Bulk Supply and Manufacturing

Icelandirect is a leading importer of omega-3 fish oils in liquid, softgel, and powder form. While omega oil powders are not as common or popular as liquid and sofgels, it can be a great delivery option. 

Our omega oil emulsion products include some of our most popular offerings. Whether you need a custom blend or standard formula, let the omega experts at Icelandirect put together the perfect product for you and your customers.

Bulk Powders Omega-3 & Fish Oil Emulsions

Icelandirect is among the leading fish oil emulsion suppliers in the USA. We manufacture omega-3 emulsion supplements for humans and pets. We undertake bulk supplement emulsions and powders manufacturing.

We manufacture many kinds of fish oil emulsion from different Icelandic aquatic animal oils. Some of them are as follows:

CLA Oils and Powders

Icelandirect is a wholesale bulk supplier of CLA oil with clients that range from startups to big multinational corporations creating gelcaps, capsules, softgels, pills, tablets, and more. We can help any business with their CLA oil and powder products. As a single-source custom supplier, we’re competitively priced in CLA oils and oil powders.

As leading supplement manufacturing, we manufacture high quality Fish oil products. We are bulk emulsion suppliers’ of CLA oils and powders. We even provide its packaging and labeling services.

Cod Liver Oil

Icelandirect is a wholesale bulk supplier of Cod Liver Oil, a golden oil derived from the livers of Icelandic cod and other species of the cod family. It is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Cod liver oil emulsion main component is vitamins A and D, C, vitamin A and D are the essential materials for human development, particularly in a fetus, infant growth, epithelial tissue integrity, vision, blood calcium and phosphorus constants, growth promoter, etc.

Flax Seed Oil

Icelandirect is a wholesale bulk supplier of Virgin Flax Seed Oil. Our flax seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, primarily the omega-3 fatty acid ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). After extracting the flax oil from the seeds, the oil is filtered resulting in a golden colored oil with a characteristic odor and taste. Uses of virgin flax seed oil vary widely from nutritional supplements, culinary and cosmetics to industrial applications.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Icelandirect is a wholesale bulk supplier of Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, a natural source for the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Salmon oil, and wild Alaskan salmon oil in particular, enjoy a great deal of positive press for its quality and potential health benefits. This oil is refined, deodorized and winterized allowing for a more pleasant food and dietary supplement.

Our wild Alaskan salmon oil is obtained from wild salmon, harvested from the pristine waters off the Alaskan coast. Fishing from these unspoiled waters results in naturally lower levels of impurities and makes this fish oil a favorable source of these vital fatty acids.

Borage Oil

Icelandirect is a wholesale bulk supplier of Borage Oil, also called safflower oil. It is cold-pressed extracted from the seeds of the borage plant. It is fully refined, resulting in a neutral oil with a bland aroma and a clear golden-honey color. Borage oil is naturally rich in the Omega-6 essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) making it widely used throughout the dietary supplement industry. Borage oil is also used in a number of cosmetic products such as topical creams, balms, ointments, and body butters formulated to benefit the skin. Its emollient properties help restore skin moisture and promote elasticity.

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