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What Are the Different Types of Vitamins

What are the different types of vitamins you can sell to build a supplement brand? Supplement consumers have wildly different tastes. That’s why providing different types of vitamins is so essential for supplement brands looking to get some market distinction. Are you looking for a vitamin manufacturer to help you create a robust product line? Also known as a contract vitamin manufacturer, a private label vitamin manufacturer can help your brand to create a variety of formulations. What are the different types of vitamins that can be produced by a contract vitamin manufacturer? Here’s a rundown of top-selling vitamin products to have on your radar as you bring your product line to life!

What Are the Different Types of Vitamins?

Consumers choose vitamins for a number of different reasons. Some are looking for convenience. Others want something highly palatable and delicious. The supplement industry has been pivoting away from traditional chalky chewable vitamins and tablets due to decreased consumer demand. For new supplement brands, working with a private label vitamin manufacturer capable of producing high-end vitamin delivery systems prevents the need to resort to using outdated production methods that put products at a market disadvantage. What are the different types of vitamins a third-party manufacturer can make for your brand? Here’s what brands can select when using a state-of-the-art contract vitamin manufacturer to create their products.

Gummy Vitamins

Gummy vitamins are tasty, chewable vitamins that have a texture that’s very similar to gummies and candies. Typically, gummy vitamins are available in a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes. While gummy vitamins were first introduced as a way to make children’s vitamins more appealing, they have quickly become popular in the adult multivitamin market. Consumers who don’t want to swallow pills are especially fond of gummy vitamins. While formulations vary, most gummy vitamins are made from water, sugar, corn starch, gelatin, and natural colorings and flavors. Each vitamin can be formulated to contain anything from a select list of vitamins and minerals to an all-encompassing formulation with calcium, vitamin D, biotin, and more!

Softgel Vitamins

Softgel tablet vitamins represent the elite side of the vitamin market. This option can also be used for high-end vitamins that contain omega fatty acids. Consumers like softgels because they have a smooth, soft design that makes swallowing much easier. They can also bypass the need to deal with any kind of taste. Additionally, consumers who are concerned about the sugars used in chewable and gummy vitamins that can cause cavities look for softgels.

Liquid Vitamins

Liquid vitamins are becoming increasingly popular because this delivery method enhances the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients. Consumers feel like they are getting the best value for their dollars because their bodies are able to process and use “more” of these products compared to gummies, tablets, and other options. Liquid vitamins can also be mixed into smoothies or yogurt.

What Are the Different Types of Vitamins That Can Be Produced on a Budget?

If your brand is going for the budget angle, things like tablets, chewables, and capsules could be potential options. Some brands choose to produce both high-end and budget vitamin products to appeal to different consumer tiers. Others position their brands to serve a very specific consumer market.

Vitamin Manufacturer Services

What if you could own a vitamin brand without the need to also own a warehouse? One of the perks of working with a full-service private label vitamin manufacturer is that the same state-of-the-art facility that can formulate and produce your vitamin products for you can also handle quality control, packaging, shipping, and much more. Here’s a look at the services we provided as a preferred private label vitamin manufacturer.

Sourcing of Bulk Materials

A contract vitamin manufacturer should be capable of supplying bulk raw materials. These materials should represent the highest quality in the industry. Here at Icelandirect, we supply raw materials with HACCP and ISO 9001 certifications that have been tested by third parties. Our production is governed by a GMP Manufacturing License from the Icelandic Medicines Agency.

Blending and Customization

Our state-of-the-art blending services make it easy to create a custom formulation that will help you achieve your desired market position. You can have peace of mind over the fact that our facility follows non-GMO practices that are aligned with Iceland Sustainable Fisheries procedures, NOAA’s Seafood Certification Scheme, and California’s Proposition 65 guidelines. Our specialized equipment enables us to create world-class formulations for the brands that choose us as their vitamin manufacturer.

Private Label Packaging

You can get your products packaged immediately after production. Icelandirect houses premium-quality private-label softgels, gelcaps, caplets, gummies, tablets, and capsules in plastic bottles, blister packs, blister pouches, glass bottles, and plastic bottles according to client specifications. Our facility can also apply branding and labeling. All products are made according to the specifications of your brand standards.

Order Fulfillment and Warehousing

Icelandirect offers full-service order fulfillment and warehousing. That means that we can produce, label, warehouse, and ship orders to direct-order consumers and retail locations. For brands, this creates an extraordinary opportunity to avoid the need to invest in supplement-manufacturing infrastructure. Our clients enjoy an elite level of quality control that allows them to sell top-tier products. The savings enjoyed by outsourcing all aspects of production allow our clients to invest in marketing efforts that are critical for growing a brand in the hypercompetitive supplement space. 

In addition to shipping to consumers and traditional retailers, we also perform services to get your products sold using fulfillment by Amazon. What are the different types of vitamins you can sell on Amazon? When you choose our third-party manufacturing services, your brand can sell vitamins in any form directly to consumers with all of the quality assurances of retail-quality supplements. Discover the competitive edge that Fulfillment by Icelandirect (FBI) brings to your brand!

What Are the Different Types of Vitamins Icelandirect Can Manufacture for My Brand?

Our state-of-the-art production facility can manufacture all vitamin varieties for your product line. We’re at the cutting edge of offering liquid and liposomal options that are driving the elite vitamin market at the moment. We also provide classic capsules, gummies, and other cost-effective options. What are the different types of vitamins Icelandirect can make for your brand? The sky is the limit! We produce all supplements in the United States at a cutting-edge facility located in Clifton, New Jersey. Contact us today to get a quote from a highly rated USA-based vitamin manufacturer.

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