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What is Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil?

Over many decades, molecularly distilled fish oil has achieved a compliment in the medical world as a dietary supplement. Heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides are retained by fish. These contaminants must be eliminated prior to human consumption. The beneficial fatty acids found in fish oil are frequently focused to increase the supplement’s potency.

All of these concerns are addressed by using molecular distillation, which distinguishes the helpful fatty acids from the unwanted, smelly components of EPA fish oil. Many doctors recommend molecularly distilled fish oil as an inexpensive source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

What is Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil and Why is it Better?

If you’ve been researching fish oil suppliers & supplements, you will have noticed that not all these supplements are created equal. One of the things that you have to ensure when purchasing or sourcing is to see if the product is a molecularly distilled fish oil. 

Molecularly distilled fish oil is distilled using a process that keeps the temperature low and gentle managing conditions. Distillation is a technique of purification and concentration in which substances of concern evaporate, commute a distance, and condense on a separate ground. At lower temperatures, volatile molecules vaporize or become gaseous as a system’s pressure declines.

It goes through a process that removes heavy metals, pesticides, and PCBs. All quality manufacturers sell it to remove these contaminants before it goes onto the shelves for consumers.

Why Removing Contaminants are Important

Many species of fish are exposed to toxic chemicals like heavy metals and PCBs. Mercury is the specific heavy metal that consumers focus on when it comes to fish consumption. 

All fish naturally contain traces of mercury with larger species having higher concentrations. While it is safe to consume fish in general, regularly consuming species of fish with high-level mercury or non molecularly distilled fish oil can lead to toxicity.

PCBs are toxic industrial compounds that consumers worry about as well. PCBs are toxic industrial compounds that tend to accumulate in coastal areas. These compounds are ingested by fish, particularly fish that are in streams, rivers, and lakes due to the fact that pollution is more common in these areas. 

PCBs are known to be carcinogenic and can cause a wide assortment of health issues. It’s especially important that the fish oil you sell is molecularly distilled. As it contains very low levels of PCBs which often attach to the fat and organs of fish.

Consumers Are Aware of These Contaminants

If you’re planning to bring a fish oil product to the market, you need to understand that consumers are aware of all the contaminants that can be in the fish oil. 

There are many consumer review sites that state which companies sell molecularly distilled fish oil. In fact, some consumer review sites will go as far as to measure the level of contaminants in each product.

Not sourcing from a manufacturer that provides molecularly distilled fish oil can be a recipe for disaster. If a consumer report group finds high levels of contaminants in your fish oil, it can lead to a backlash from consumers. You’ll lose credibility and your brand will also suffer from negative feedback. 

You want to make sure that you go with this product if you’re serious about bringing a fish oil supplement to market.

Quality Control Is Also Important

You need to look beyond sourcing molecularly distilled fish oil. You want to find a manufacturer that sources their fish from clean waters, puts a lot of focus on the quality of the product, and can package your product properly. 

For instance, proper processing can mean a longer shelf life for your fish oil products. This can translate into your retail partners being more confident about putting their products on their shelves and customers being happy about your products not going rancid.


If you’re looking for a fish oil supplier that offers molecularly distilled fish oil, we can help. You can even get human-grade omega-3 fish oil supplements for pets. We manufacture high-quality fish oil supplements for both humans and pets. ICELANDirect offers a wide variety of EPA fish oils for production and many processing/packaging solutions for businesses.

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