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5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements For Pets

The health benefits of omega-3 supplements are quite well known. Did you know that omega 3 fish oil for pet owners is also a fast-growing trend? If you’re looking for a pet supplement manufacturer USA that carries omega 3 products, you now have quite a few choices. The following are five important benefits of omega-3 pet nutrition supplements.
Nutritional supplements for pets
Nutritional supplements for pets

1. Helps Bones and Joints

Cats, dogs, and other pets, like humans, often develop arthritis and mobility issues as they age. A pet omega-3 supplement helps to reduce inflammation and helps pets enjoy greater mobility. Studies indicate that dogs and cats given fish oil have fewer mobility issues than those who aren’t given these supplements.

2. Supports Heart Health

One of the main reasons people take fish oil is to support heart health. Research suggests that a fish oil supplement can also help protect your pet’s heart. Essential fatty acids help prevent inflammation, which is a factor in heart disease. Studies have found that fish oil can help prevent blood clots and irregular heartbeat.

3. Helps Maintain a Healthy Coat

The condition of the skin and fur is one of the first places to look at when assessing an animal’s health. Cats and dogs suffer from a wide variety of skin and fur issues, such as allergies, parasites, dandruff, and excessive shedding. The treatment for these conditions depends on the cause. However, giving your pet an omega-3 supplement can help them maintain healthier skin and fur. Essential fatty acids are beneficial for keeping the coat shiny and moisturizing the skin. 

4. Boosts Brain and Cognitive Function

Your pet may not be an intellectual but they do display intelligence when they play, perform tricks, and when they ask you for food or walks. Cognitive function in pets can decline with age. DHA, one of the most important omega-3 fatty acids, is essential for brain health. Giving pets a fish oil supplements can help prevent age-related decline in dogs and cats. It also helps to play and communicate with them regularly. 

5. Good For Kidney Health

Healthy kidneys are essential for cleansing the body of toxins. Kidney disease is common in both cats and dogs. The presence of protein in the urine can cause kidney failure. Kidney problems are also associated with elevated blood pressure. Research suggests that omega-3s can help slow the progress of kidney disease in animals. 

Find the Best Pet Supplement Manufacturer USA

If you sell supplements, don’t overlook the millions of pet owners who are searching for ways to keep their furry friends healthy. Of course, it’s possible to provide pets with healthy fatty acids by serving them fish in their regular diets. Fish pet food manufacturers carry many products that are high in omega-3s. However, many pet owners are also interested in omega 3 fish oil for pet health. Supplements provide a reliable and quantifiable way to make sure pets are getting all the nutrients they need.  IcelanDirect is a manufacturer of quality supplements for both humans and pets. We are also one of the leading private label pet treat manufacturers. Providing omega-3 treats is one of the most convenient ways to ensure pets get extra healthy fatty acids in their diet. When it comes to any type of fish oil supplement, quality and purity are extremely important. IcelanDirect carries human-grade omega-3 fish oil products for pets. Just like their omega-3 products for humans, these products meet strict criteria and offer the following advantages:
  • Fish are harvested from sustainable sources.
  • High in protein and low in saturated fats to support pet health. 
  • Contains high levels of both DHA and EPA fatty acids.
  • IcelanDirect makes HHO3 pet products at half the cost of typical 18/12 formulas, which don’t contain the ideal ratio of healthy fats for pets.
If you’re looking for a quality pet supplement manufacturer USA, contact IcelanDirect and find out how we can help you meet the needs of your customers and their pets.

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