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All About Fish Oil Emulsion

The world’s top-selling energy and vitality supplements aren’t possible without fish oil emulsion. While fish oil can provide dozens of benefits, the reality is that the human body has a hard time breaking it down on its own. Emulsion creates palatable, potent products. 


When searching for someone to create your fish oil supplement, it’s important to focus on white-label supplement manufacturers offering top-tier emulsion. But what exactly is fish oil emulsion?

What Is Fish Oil Emulsion?

The term emulsion means “to milk.” While supplement manufacturers may not exactly be making milk, they are seeking to create a rich, smooth final product that is abundant in naturally derived nutrients. Trying to blend oils without emulsion results in unpleasant final results with “separation” occurring among the ingredients. 

Emulsion refers to the process of combining two or more liquids that are considered unmixable using standard means. During the emulsion process, one liquid is fully dispersed into the second liquid to create a perfectly blended and cohesive substance. Common emulsifying ingredients that are combined with fish oil today include lecithin, vegetable glycerin, seed hulls, egg, and various synthetic compounds. Fish liver oil emulsion benefits include presentation, palpability, and potency. Don’t choose a third-party fish oil manufacturer until you’ve confirmed that emulsion will be used to make a top-tier product geared for customer satisfaction.

How Is It Used in the Supplement Industry?

Fish oil emulsion is used by supplement manufacturers to make fish oil both palatable and tolerable. The truth is that the human body has its own natural emulsification process for high-fat oils that is quite unpleasant. The human body doesn’t absorb oils very easily.

When swallowing a capful of any kind of oil, the average person is likely to feel everything from nauseous to “burpy.” The high natural-fat content in fish oil actually triggers the digestive system to begin breaking down the rich formulation with bile and digestive enzymes immediately. This is where the burping and digestive discomfort come into the picture. When oils are emulsified prior to ingestion, the body no longer needs to charge into action to try to emulsify the fatty oil on its own in order to break it down into small, absorbable molecules.

Benefits of Fish Oil Emulsion

“Emulsifying fish oil allows for production of a pleasant-tasting supplement and can enhance digestion and absorption of the fatty acids,” according to a study comparing enhanced absorption of n-3 fatty acids from emulsified fish oil with encapsulated fish oil. As covered  above, this essentially means that fish oil emulsion makes fish oil supplements easier to take by eliminating the digestive firestorm that can often accompany swallowing pure oils. 


In this case, researchers observed that a single dose of emulsified fish oil resulted in enhanced absorption of total n-3 eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid compared to the encapsulated product. What this is saying is that emulsified fish oil supplements can have higher potency compared to other fish oil formulations. For brands, that’s a big selling point.

Supplements That Include Fish Oil Emulsion

Omega-3 fatty acid, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), and EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) are the primary supplements that brands are creating when utilizing fish liver oil emulsion benefits. Within this category, a fish oil manufacturer has a variety of sources to choose from for creating a formulation. Popular sources of omega-3 fatty fish oil include:


  • Tuna oil

  • Aqualene

  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil

  • Cod liver oil

  • Algal DHA oil

  • Krill oil

  • Shark liver oil

While fish liver oil emulsion benefits can only be gained using fatty fish oils, omega-3 fatty acids can come from both fish and plant sources. That’s important to know for brands interested in providing vegetarian or vegan supplements alongside their fish oil products. ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) is the plant-based source of omega-3 fatty acids. Icelandirect makes it easy to customize your own formulation for omega-3 fish oil and softgels based on your unique brand position.

Private-label Fish Oil Emulsion

The right formulation is the key to positive customer perceptions. In the fish oil supplement world, everyone is looking for a product that doesn’t create those notorious “fish burps.” Icelandirect is a wholesale bulk supplier of cod liver oil specializing in palatable, high-quality supplements. We’re the private-label supplement manufacturer in the United States behind many big sellers on the supplement shelves. Contact us today for a quote from a third-party fish oil manufacturer!

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