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Fish Oils Emulsions, Fish Algal Powers Bulk Supply & Manufacture​

Fish Oil Supplements

Icelandirect provides the finest premium fish oils in a variety of TG and EE concentrations formulated for people and pets, including the highest quality Omega-3, Cod Liver Oil,..

Nutrients Fats & Oils
Our nutrients include Astaxanthin, Vitamins A, D & E, ALA, Glucosamine, Alpha Tocopheryl, CoQ10, Saw Palmetto, Evening Primrose, Flaxseed, Biotin and Lecithin. In bulk, softgels…
Private Label Packaging
Icelandirect provides quality private-label softgels, gelcaps, caplets, tablets and capsules in plastic bottles, blister packs or pouches, and liquids in glass or plastic bottles, utilizing…
Nutrition Quality & Responsibility
As a member of GOED, all of our premium fish oil products meet the parameters defined by the Council for Responsible Nutrition and the World Health Organization. As a member of…
Private Label Contract Manufacturing & Packaging

Icelandirect is a private label supplement company and product packager specializing in omega-3 fish oils and other nutrients. We are one of the most renowned omega distributors in the USA. 

Iceland Premium Imported Omega-3 Fish Oils
Icelandirect also offers our clients participation in our select Iceland Premium Imported program where you can add this powerful marketing tool on your label signifying that your product…
Icelandirect Certified Products & Services

A Leading Supplement Contract Manufacturer In the US

The market for health and wellness goods continues to increase. It is fueled by an ageing population that embraces safe, natural medicine as well as younger generations that embrace a preventive based self-care health strategy.

Icelandirect is a private label supplement company that manufacturers the best quality premium fish oils, fish powders, algal powders, and fish oil emulsions for humans and pets in a range of TG and EE concentrations.

We are a leading omega fish oil supplier and distributor in the USA of offering high-quality Omega-3, Cod Liver, Lobster, Shark Liver, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Krill, Algal DHA, Squalene, Human-Grade Omega-3 for Pets, Fish-Based Pet Treats and other marine oils. Our GMP compliant products include emulsions, powders, softgels, liquid-packaged, and capsules.

We also assist with product formulation, packaging and label design, and warehousing. We are a complete turnkey solution providing private labeling supplement and vitamin manufacturing services.




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