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Gummies Vs Tablets: What is the best form for supplements?

When comparing supplements, you have to consider not only the type of nutrients but the method of delivery. For example, tablets and gummies are both popular but they offer very different experiences and they interact with the body in distinct ways. Let’s explore the differences and look at issues such as gummy vitamin absorption and how to create the best multivitamin gummies.

Gummies Vs Tablets

Tablets vs Gummies

The traditional way to take a vitamin, mineral or another type of supplement is in tablet form, though some people prefer capsules. Gummies are a relatively new alternative, designed to be chewable and easier to absorb. While you swallow a tablet or capsule, you chew gummy as you would any food. More than anything, gummies resemble chewable candies, making them a popular choice for children’s vitamins.

Benefits of Gummies

There are several advantages to chewable gummy vitamins and other supplements.

  • Easy to consume. Many people have a gag reflex that sets in when they swallow a tablet or even a capsule. This makes taking supplements unpleasant. Gummies can be easily chewed.

  • Better taste. While people don’t take vitamins for the taste, it’s always easier to consume something with a sweet and pleasant flavor. Even most chewable vitamins have an unappealing taste. Gummies, on the other hand, are tasty and make it easier for both children and adults to painlessly take them.

  • Better bioavailability. Your body doesn’t always absorb all of the nutrients contained in a supplement. Bioavailability refers to the ease with which vitamins are absorbed. One study found that Vitamin D gummies were significantly more bioavailable than those made in tablet form.

How to Produce the Best Multivitamin Gummies

Are you looking to create a private label vitamins supplement, whether to sell on Amazon, another platform or from your own website? Creating supplements in gummy form is one of your best choices. You can highlight the benefits, such as gummy vitamin absorption and great taste.

  • Research the ingredients used in producing gummies so they meet your needs. For example, many are made from gelatin but vegan varieties are also available. Similarly, some are sweetened with sugar while others use sugar substitutes. They are also available in a variety of flavors. The more choices you can offer customers, the more potential sales.

  • Consider the cost. As with most products, you can usually get a better price when purchasing in larger quantities.

  • Type of supplement. Do you want to manufacture a multivitamin, mineral, omega-3 supplement or something else? You can create many types of supplements as gummies. If you’re working with a private label rights company, you’ll have to find one that can create the type of supplement you want to sell.

Tablets or Gummies? The Choice is Yours

If you create supplements, you have to choose the delivery form that works for you. You may want to offer supplements in multiple forms to meet the needs of different customers. However, you should not overlook the advantages of gummy vitamins, which make supplements more palatable for many users.

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