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US Based Supplier of Pure Cod Liver Oil

Looking for a US Based Supplier of Pure Cod Liver Oil?

Are you looking to expand your line of fish oil for your supplement company? Then you may want to think about investing in bulk cod liver oil for your new product. Many supplement companies have a line of fish oil but ignore selling a cod liver oil product. However, there is a demand for cod liver oil by a large number of consumers because of its nutritionally dense profile. It may be worthwhile to work with a reliable cod liver oil supplier you can source bulk cod liver oil from.

Why Cod Liver Oil?

One of the biggest advantages that cod liver oil has over traditional fish oil is that it contains a very high level of Vitamin A and Vitamin D. This differentiates it from other fish oil which only contain the omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil has also been proven to work well with Vitamin D in supporting bone and joint health. Like other fish oil, it also contains high levels of EPA and DHA.

The big reason many consumers prefer purchasing cod liver oil over other fish oil is simply because they know where it comes from. Most fish oils are derived from either low quality fish or questionable sources. A reliable cod liver oil supplier or manufacturer will source ingredients from real cod liver. The levels of Vitamin A and Vitamin D content will vary from one cod liver oil supplier to another. However, a flexible cod liver oil manufacturer or supplier will be able to customize formulations and add extra nutrients.

Cod Liver Oil Supplier vs. Cod Liver Oil Manufacturer

One of the things you have to decide for your business is to choose between a cod liver oil supplier and a cod liver oil manufacturer. Here are some points to consider when going with a cod liver oil supplier:

  • You will make greater margins if you buy bulk cod liver oil and formulate your own product.
  • Working with a cod liver oil supplier means that you have to take care of inventory and fulfillment.
  • Since you are only buying bulk cod liver oil from a cod liver oil supplier, you may have to invest in additional equipment to produce your product.
  • There may more logistics to deal with since you’ll need the bulk cod liver oil to be shipped to your facilities.

Here are some points to consider when going with a cod liver oil manufacturer:

  • A full service cod liver oil manufacturer can handle everything from sourcing, production, inventory, to customer order fulfillment.
  • You can focus on marketing, managing your business and growing your business instead of the production.
  • There will be less logistics to deal with since the cod liver oil manufacturer will produce the product.
  • The margins will be lower since you are outsourcing the production. You’ll also have to pay for other services like inventory and drop shipping.

Whether you choose to go with a cod liver oil supplier or manufacturer, Icelandirect can provide a wide range of solutions for your business. We operate a US based facility and source our products from the waters of Iceland. While we specialize as a supplement manufacturer, we can also act as a cod liver oil supplier for your business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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