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US Based Importer and Exporter of Bulk Fish Oil

How to Find the Best US Based Importer and Exporter of Bulk Fish Oil

It’s important for many businesses to find a US based fish oil importer or fish oil exporter they can work with. While there are many fish oil suppliers that import and export high quality fish oil, it’s hard to find one that is committed to delivering on high quality products and on a high quality service. To help you find the right supplier, here a few questions and thoughts you should consider.

Where Are the Fish Being Sourced From?

When working with a fish oil importer, you want to make sure that the fish oil importer is transparent about where the fish is being sourced from. If you want a quality fish oil product, you want to avoid fish oil importers that get their products from fish farms. Farmed fish are loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones and higher levels of toxins compared to wild caught fish.

Is the Fish Oil Importer Committed to Quality and Safe Products?

Many fish oil importers source their products outside and refine the products inside. While many fish oil importers will claim that their products are safe of PCBs, heavy metals and other toxins, it’s not always the case. In 2010, there was a lawsuit filed against popular fish oil products because of the high levels of PCBs.

Suppliers often distill their products to remove toxins and contaminants. It’s not a measure of whether or not they do it. It’s a measure of how dedicated they are to making sure their process is effective. It’s a measure of how often fish oil importers test their products to check that their products are safe. It’s a measure of how serious they are in maintaining top notch production standards in their facilities.

Packaging and Shipping is a Big Concern

If you need your order to travel a respectable distance, then packaging should be a big concern for you. You need to ask the fish oil exporter about what measures will be taken to protect your products during shipment. The fish oil exporter should account for damage from heat, oxidation as well as physical impact during travel. And it’s not just about the packaging either. You need to make sure that the fish oil exporter accounts for shipping conditions that protect your order.

The Most Important Thing to Look for in a Fish Oil Exporter (or Importer)

While ordering flexibility is always important from a financial standpoint, it’s absolutely vital for a fish oil exporter. Many fish oil exporters may not ship out their products unless the order meets a certain limit due to production costs. This can be a problem if the demands for fish oil supplements vary from month to month. While you can order more than you need to account for changing demands, it’s not ideal as fish oil has a limited shelf life. That’s why you should look for a fish oil exporter that accept both small and larger orders.

Hopefully, these questions and thoughts have helped you hone in on the suppliers that you should work with.

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