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Top Rated Omega-3 Manufacturer

What to Look for in a Top Rated Omega-3 Manufacturer

If you’re looking to start marketing fish oil, you need to start the research process to find a top rated omega-3 manufacturer. While there are many omega-3 manufacturers you can source your products from, very few will meet the standard of quality that you’d expect from a supplier. This is especially important if you want to market your fish oil as one of the few top quality fish oils in the market. Here’s a quick guide that can help.

5 Qualities to Look for in an Omega-3 Manufacturer

1. Make Sure the Omega-3 Manufacturer Sources Ingredients Naturally

If you want to market a top quality fish oil, make sure that the omega-3 manufacturer sources ingredients naturally. You want to avoid omega-3 manufacturers that are not transparent about where they source their fish from and what fish they use. Farmed fish are pumped with hormones and antibiotics while also having high levels of PCBs and other toxins. By sourcing from natural waters, you can be transparent in your marketing and attract more consumers.

2. Account for Product’s Safety

Just because the omega-3 manufacturer sources their fish from natural waters doesn’t mean that it’s safe. The fish oil needs to go through a process to remove mercury, PCBs and other contaminants. Many omega-3 manufacturers will molecularly distill their fish oil to remove harmful toxins and contaminants. However, it’s important that they test their products regularly to make sure that the levels of harmful toxins below the regulatory guidelines.

3. Freshness Should Be Top Priority

One of the biggest problems that you’ll face is the freshness of the fish oil. Fish oil can get bad very quickly, so you need an omega-3 manufacturer that accounts for this. You want to make sure that their facilities produce the products to protect against oxidation and heat damage. You also want to make sure that each order is clearly time stamped and given an expiration date. Finally, the omega-3 manufacturer should pack in a way that protects the products from damage caused by shipping.

4. Make Sure Their Products are Potent

What you’re looking for from the fish oil is the DHA and EPA content. That’s why your omega-3 manufacturer should have a quality check to ensure for high levels of DHA and EPA. Some manufacturers will customize your product by adding in other vitamins but what that shouldn’t be the main focus. Consumers often compare DHA/EPA levels between fish oil supplements to make a decision.

5. You May Need Flexibility with Orders

Flexibility is one of the most important qualities to look for in an omega-3 manufacturer. Your needs will change according to your marketing, season and growth trends. That’s why you want an omega-3 manufacturer that can do smaller orders as well as larger orders without any issues. You may also want to look into seeing if they can private label existing products so that you don’t have to go through the process of developing your own customized product and hiring somebody for the labeling.

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