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Pure Icelandic Omega-3 Fish Oil

Pure Icelandic Omega-3 Fish Oil

If you’re a supplement company that cares about your brand and reputation, you’re always looking to provide your customers with high quality products. Thankfully, this aligns with the trend of more consumers that are looking for supplements that are naturally derived and are not harmful to their health. This is especially the case with fish oil supplements. Many consumers want their fish oil to be sourced from natural waters and not from factory farms. If you feel this resonates with your audience and customers, our Icelandic Omega-3 products can be the perfect solution.

Why Choose Icelandic Fish Oil?

Our company, Icelandirect, sources the fish from the North Atlantic waters next to Iceland. As a result, our Icelandic Omega-3 products come from cold and clean waters that are untainted by pollution and over fishing. The Icelandic fish oil we supply are 100% natural and do not come from fish farms. This makes our Icelandic Omega-3 products the perfect choice for companies looking to provide their customers with high quality Icelandic fish oil.

What makes Iceland’s fisheries different from other parts of the world is that there is a lot of emphasis on responsible fishing. The most advanced marine technology, equipment and practices are used so that other marine wildlife are not harmed. The wild fish stocks are managed carefully and the fishing industry in Iceland puts measures to ensure sustainable fishing is practiced.

With Fish Oil, Transparency Wins Over Consumers

It’s becoming more important to be transparent with consumers. Many consumers are realizing that many of the fish oil supplements they’ve been consuming are of low quality. It’s impossible for them find out how the fish oil was sourced from the type of fish to the region it’s been fished from. It’s also impossible to learn whether or not the products they’re consuming are sustainable.

Our Icelandic fish oil is different. You can verify our Icelandic Omega-3 products all the way to the source. Our factory and packing facilities have GMP approval which indicates that production follows consistent quality standards. The Icelandic Omega-3 products also go through a rigorous quality control process to make sure that they are ready for consumers. During processing, the Icelandic Omega-3 products are cleared of pesticides, PCBs, heavy metals and other toxins.

Test the Difference Between Icelandic Fish Oil and Our Competitors

We can account for the quality of our Icelandic Omega-3 products. We welcome you to compare our Icelandic fish oil to other fish oil products in the market. The reason why we’re so confident is because we regularly run tests on our Icelandic fish oil. Our products are sent to third party testing labs to ensure that they’re free from contaminants and toxins while also having high potency.

Other suppliers can attest to the purity of their product but they hardly talk about the potency. That’s because our Icelandic fish oil products go through a strict packing process to prevent oxidation, aging and physical damage. So try out the Icelandic Omega-3 difference. See why our clients stay with us as their go-to supplier of Icelandic fish oil.

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