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Make a Splash with Private Label Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Make a Splash! Private Label Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Looking to add a new product to generate more revenue? If so, private label omega-3 supplements might be the answer. Fish oil has become a staple supplement in households all across the world. As a result, private label fish oil products and other types of private label omega-3 supplements can be great sellers for businesses in the health and wellness category.

Why Private Label Supplements in the First Place?

Going with private label supplements makes much more sense than sourcing, formulating and producing products yourself. Manufacturers that help other businesses with private label supplements like private label omega-3 products already have it figured out. They know what kind of labels, marketing, and formulation that consumers want. So businesses can simply apply their branding to various private label fish oil and start offering it to their existing customers.

The Problem with Many Private Label Supplements

The problem with many private label omega-3 and private label fish oil products is that not all manufacturers focus on quality. They do not put much care into the sourcing of ingredients and how they’re manufactured because private label omega-3 are popular. This means that brands usually have to deal with complaints that come with selling low quality private label fish oil. This will hurt their reputation, brand and customer loyalty.

Consumers are more educated than they were before. They are looking for private label omega-3 products that are affordable and also of the highest quality. Consumer guides often review which products have the best EPA and DHA values. They also look for the lowest amount of mercury and PCB figures. That’s why it’s imperative that you work with a manufacturer that accounts for the quality of their private label supplements.

Private Label Fish Oil Quality Also Impacts Profitability

The quality of private label fish oil and other private label omega-3 products also have a direct impact on profitability. Products manufactured with care will have a longer shelf life which means companies can sell the products for a longer period before expiration. Reputable manufacturer will keep the private label fish oil products in cool conditions to preserve the freshness of the products. They’ll also use proper bottling/packaging techniques for private label omega-3 and private label fish oil to prevent damage and oxidation.

Lack of Quality Represents Opportunity

Because there are so many low quality private label omega-3 and private label fish oil products in the market, you can make a splash with your own private label omega-3 and private label fish oil products if you work with a quality manufacturer. You can center your marketing around the high quality ingredients and production practices. And that’s where we come in. Icelandirect uses a high quality production facility with the . We also source ingredients from the cleanest waters in the North Atlantic. If you’d like an edge over your competition with high quality fish oil products, contact us for more information.

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