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In Search of a US Based Bulk Fish Oil Supplier?

US Based Bulk Fish Oil Supplier

Do you have a large database of customers that you want to market a fish oil product to? If you have a large retail distribution network or have a large ongoing marketing campaign, you need a supplier that can handle bulk fish oil orders. It’s one thing to offer your fish oil supplement to your customer base, but it’s another thing to make sure that you can deliver a consistent quality despite the bulk fish oil order.

Why Icelandirect Can Deliver Quality on Bulk Fish Oil Orders

Icelandirect Inc. is a fish oil supplier that sources ingredients from Iceland. Quality is of the utmost importance for us as a fish oil supplier. That’s why we source from Icelandic waters because of the green, clean and cold environment. Although we are a fish oil supplier that sources ingredients from the North Atlantic, we have a US based location that makes it economical, quick and convenient for our US based clients.

5 Reasons to Trust Us as Your Fish Oil Supplier

  1. Our Fish Oil Products Are Molecularly Distilled

Consumers look for molecularly distilled fish oil products because they’re aware of the dangers of PCBs, heavy metals, toxins and other contaminants. These toxins occur naturally in fish products which makes it essential to remove them. As a quality-driven fish oil supplier, we ensure our products go through a process that removes these contaminants and toxins without diminishing the quality of the product.

  1. Proper Processing and Packaging of Fish Oil Is On Top of Our Lists

By making sure your product is properly processed, we guarantee our clients a better product. Unlike other fish oil suppliers, we make sure there is minimal oxidation and damage during processing so that the products maintain a longer shelf life. We also package the products so that they are protected from damage during shipping and handling. Just because you’re aiming for a bulk fish oil order doesn’t mean quality has to be compromised.

  1. We Offer Many Production/Shipping Solutions

Want to order bulk fish oil without taking a lease out on space for a warehouse? No problem. We can hold your product in our facilities and ship it to your desired location. If you have specific needs for your bulk fish oil order, just ask us and we’ll try to accommodate to your needs as much as possible.

  1. Our Processing and Manufacturing Facilities Are Certified

We are in accordance with the HACCP and ISO 9001 which states that our facilities are run under strict food production and safety measures. Our products are also completely natural with our fish is GMO free. Our products do not come from factory farmed fish that are fed with GMO products and put on hormone treatments.

  1. We Offer Flexible Order Sizes

While you may initially have a need for bulk fish oil orders, we understand that demands, the customer base, marketing plans and partnerships change. That’s we offer flexible orders. We do not force our clients to commit to a contract which can lead to storage issues during slow periods or business changes. We can fulfill both small and large orders on a tight schedule at affordable rates.

If you’re looking to make a bulk fish oil order, you need a fish oil supplier that focuses on quality. We are the go-to fish oil supplier for many supplement companies. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

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