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How to Find a Reputable Fish Oil Wholesaler

Reputable Fish Oil Wholesaler

Ordering fish oil wholesale is not as straightforward a process as you may think. At first glance, you may think that it’s a great idea to work with a supplier that sells fish oil at wholesale prices. While the price is important, going with a low quality fish oil can actually hurt your brand and reputation. Consumers are more informed about what makes a great fish oil supplement, so you need to make sure that your fish oil wholesale order lives up to their expectations.

What Exactly are Consumers Looking for?

Consumers are looking for fish oil products that actually have high levels of omega-3 fats. To be specific, well informed consumers are looking for fish oil supplements with high DHA and EPA levels. Just take a second before you think about buying fish oil wholesale and look at the various products that are being sold on Amazon. You’ll notice that the fish oil supplements vary in DHA and EPA levels. Those are the active ingredients that consumers are primarily looking for.

Low PCB and Mercury Levels are Non-Negotiables

Another thing that consumers are looking for is the safety of the products. If the price point of the fish oil wholesale order is too good to be true, you should question the quality. In order to make fish oil supplements safe, it needs to go through a distillation process that removes PCBs, heavy metals like mercury and other contaminants that can be found in fish.

Consumers are informed about the toxins and contaminants that fish can accumulate. There are numerous news stories and health articles about the dangers of these toxins and contaminants. When ordering fish oil wholesale, you need to make sure that your supplier put in a large amount of effort to keep these toxins and contaminants well below the regulatory levels.

Shelf Life and Overall Quality is Important When Buying Fish Oil Wholesale

If you look through Amazon reviews and other consumer review sites, you’ll notice that freshness and quality of the fish oil is one of most common the complaints that customers have. Some customers get rancid fish oil or get fish oil that goes bad in a short amount of time. These kinds of problems lead to your customers leaving you for higher quality brands and products.

When ordering fish oil wholesale, you have to make sure that the supplier invests highly into preserving the freshness and quality of the product. For example, some facilities will distill the product at a temperature that doesn’t hurt the product’s quality. They’ll go further by encapsulating it in low temperatures to prevent damage caused by oxidation and heat. They’ll also store the products in a low temperature environment so that it lasts longer on shelves and warehouses once shipped.

Keep in mind that the price isn’t an indicator of quality. You can get high quality fish oil at wholesale prices. Just be wary that when the fish oil wholesale prices are too good to be true. it usually is. There are suppliers that will do more than sell fish oil wholesale. They’ll do everything from private label to store the products in their warehouses. Icelandirect is a fish oil wholesale supplier that offers a complete solution for companies. To learn more how we can help, contact us today.

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