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Fish Oil Manufacturer United States | Reputable Fish Oil Manufacturing

Reputable American Fish Oil Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a trusted company that specializes in the manufacturing of Omega-3s and fish oils, look no furhter than Icelandirect, Inc.. We can accommodate all of your bulk fish oil needs. When you are searching for fish oil wholesale assistance, there’s no better name to remember than ours. We’re a highly respected fish oil manufacturer that’s headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey in the greater New York area. We give our customers access to fish oil that’s straight from the most immaculate and pristine locations on the planet.

Our Plentiful Fish Oil Choices

We’re a fish oil supplier that gives customers many exciting options in fish oils. We have first-rate fish oils in numerous distinct EE and TG concentrations as well. These concentrations are appropriate for human beings and pets. If you want superior Omega-3s, tuna oil, squalene, wild Alaskan salmon oil, cod liver oil, algal DHA oil, krill oil and shark liver oil, we’re a reliable fish oil supplier that can always come through for you. We offer Omega-3s that are 100 percent appropriate for pets. They’re human grade as well. These Omega-3s are chock-full of DHA and EPA.

Many Diverse Fish Oil Nutrients Available

When you need a fish oil manufacturer that can provide you with many choices in dependable nutrients, Icelandirect, Inc. can happily come to your rescue. We can satisfy customers who are interested in nutrients such as Omega-7, evening primrose, astaxanthin, alpha tocopheryl, glucosamine, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, saw palmetto, CoQ10, lecitin, biotin and flaxseed. We offer nutrients in a dazzling array of different formats as well. These include soft gel bottles, liquid packages, capsules, emulsions and powders.

Our Fish Oil Services

If you’re in need of a reliable company that can cater to your bulk fish oil requests, no business can assist you better than we can right here at Icelandirect, Inc. We make a point to give our valued customers numerous choices in convenient services. We specialize in packaged products that have private labels. We specialize in encapsulated products and bulk materials as well.

An Amazing Team of Omega-3 and Fish Oil Experts

Icelandirect, Inc. is headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark H. Stenberg. He’s not only our hard-working CEO, either. He’s also our proud company founder. Other key members of the Icelandirect, Inc. staff are President Brandon Miller, account manager Henry Arevalo, client services manager Greg Cerutti, customer service representative Andzelika Jania, account manager Mike Puchalski and production manager Bruce Huff. There are quite a few other exceptional and diligent employees on our staff, too.

Contact Icelandirect, Inc. Today

If you’re on the lookout for a highly regarded fish oil manufacturer that can take care of all of your wholesale requirements, there’s no need to reach out to any provider other than Icelandirect, Inc.

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