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Finding a Sustainable Fish Oil Manufacturer and Supplier

Sustainable Fish Oil Manufacturer and Supplier

Adding a fish oil supplement to your product line requires that you work with a reliable fish oil manufacturer or fish oil supplier. While there are many companies you can work with, not many fish oil manufacturers or fish oil suppliers are able to offer companies sustainable fish oil products from natural sources. This can pose as a challenge if you’re trying to create a quality fish oil supplement to sell at a higher price point.

The Right Fish Oil Manufacturer or Fish Oil Supplier Makes All the Difference

An increasing number of consumers are looking for high quality fish oil supplements that are also sustainable. Icelandirect is a fish oil supplier that has sourced and produced a wide variety of fish oil products including sustainable fish oil to many companies since 2010. The fish are completely natural and come from the North Atlantic waters in a closed off 200 mile fishing zone. There are clear fishing limits and strict quotas that are followed to ensure sustainability.

Other fish oil manufacturers rely on fish farms to deliver sustainable fish oil products to their clients. This is not the kind of fish oil supplier you want to work with if you are looking to market an all natural fish oil product. Fish oil manufacturers and fish oil suppliers that use fish farms are known to have a bad reputation in the marketplace due to the GMO products they use for feed, the antibiotics given to the fish and the high levels of PCBs in their products.

Consumers are also well informed and look for non-GMO and organic tags on supplements. Being able to work with a fish oil manufacturer or fish oil supplier that practices sustainable fishing means you also get to market your product as sustainable which is another big selling point to the high end consumer. This makes Icelandirect the perfect fish oil manufacturer and fish oil supplier for your company.

Don’t Look at Just the Source, But How Also How It’s Produced

Obviously the source of where the fish oil manufacturer or fish oil supplier is getting the products from is important. But how the actual products are produced is just as important. Over the last few years, five of the top ten fish oil brands measured low in quality. These brands had higher than acceptable PCB levels. PCBs are liked to cancer and the acceptable limit is 2 parts per trillion per gram which these products exceeded.

It’s easy to blame the brands but the real culprit is probably the fish oil manufacturer. There are many fish oil manufacturers that do not have a good process for producing fish oil products. As a result, a high level of mercury and PCBs make it to the final product. Companies that source from these fish oil manufacturers end up delivering low quality products to the consumers.

And if consumer groups and magazines get hands on their products and lab test them, it results in a damaged brand for the company that outsourced their product to the wrong fish oil manufacturer or produced their supplement sourcing from the wrong fish oil supplier. An alternative way of producing products would be to work with a fish oil supplier and create the products in your own factory. Obviously, this way of working with fish oil supplier isn’t a viable option for most companies since they do not have the funds or expertise to start and run their own production facility.

Unlike most fish oil manufacturers and fish oil suppliers, Icelandirect produces sustainable fish oil products in a high quality production facility. In addition, our sustainable fish oil products are third party tested for an unbiased assessment of our products. The ensures you get a fish oil product that is low in contaminants, high in absorbability and high in potency. So if you need a fish oil manufacturer or fish oil supplier to start selling a line of sustainable fish oil products, contact us today to learn what we can do for you.

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