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5 Benefits of Squalene Supplements

Why is squalene getting so much attention as a health aid lately? Here at Icelandirect, we’ve been helping our clients in the supplement industry to stay ahead of this trend. As a leading white-label supplement manufacturer, we’re always equipped to help our brands integrate the latest in-demand ingredients into their formulations. In this case, squalene supplements are on the rise due to the anti-aging, anti-cancer, and antioxidant properties of this natural compound. If you’re wondering if squalene benefits make this compound worth looking into before formulating your next product, this rundown will help you move forward.

What Is Squalene?

Squalene is a 100% natural molecule. Our bodies actually produce squalene in small amounts. Squalene can also be consumed by eating things like shark liver oil, olive oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, and amaranth oil. However, the colorless and odorless nature of this compound means that you’ve probably never actually noticed it before. Shark liver oil is generally considered the richest source of squalene on the planet. When produced naturally by the human body, squalene is a precursor to cholesterol. Why would anyone consider taking a squalene supplement? Next, take a look at squalene benefits that have more and more consumers looking for this molecule on the shelves.

Squalene Benefits

1. Protects the Skin

Better skin is one of the biggest potential squalene benefits. It turns out that taking a squalene supplement may help to protect the skin against ultraviolet (UV) radiation. When researchers studied the effects of squalene on skin aging, they found that 90 days of supplementation given to women over age 50 resulted in improved collagen activity and skin appearance. While this study looked at oral squalene, a topical form of the compound called squalane is commonly used in cosmetic products as a skincare ingredient.

2. Provides Strong Antioxidant Effects

Squalene benefits aren’t just about vanity. Researchers have observed strong antioxidant function in squalene that may help to regulate glucose and triglyceride levels. This has important implications for people seeking ways to manage obesity and diabetes using the natural benefits of squalene. Squalene supplementation may also help to reduce or reverse oxidative damage associated with everything from illness to premature aging. 


While squalene hasn’t been studied as extensively as other molecules and compounds in regards to its health benefits, the research done so far proves that squalene may play an important role in helping to reverse aging naturally. Many people who swear by squalene supplements credit this compound with helping to reverse telltale signs of aging on the face and skin. Of course, it makes sense that a compound capable of reducing the look of aging on the skin would also provide anti-aging benefits for all of the body tissues.

3. Facilitates Improved Mitochondrial Function

While it’s not mentioned nearly as often as it should be as part of the mainstream health conversation, mitochondrial health drives a person’s entire state of being. Your mitochondria are responsible for creating and storing energy for every cell in the body. When things begin to deteriorate at this level, it creates a chain reaction affecting the body’s well-being and performance at all levels. This is why squalene benefits tied to mitochondrial health are so exciting.

While research is still emerging on mitochondrial function and squalene supplements, existing findings show that dietary supplementation with squalene can improve liver mitochondrial function during aging. What’s more, squalene supplementation has been shown to minimize age-associated disorders tied to reactive oxygen species.

4. May Help Fight Cancer

Squalene benefits tied to potential anti-cancer activity look promising. One prominent study on mice showed that squalene helped to inhibit cancer growth. Another study involving mice found that squalene supplementation helped to improve results of tumor therapy by altering the network of blood vessels supplying blood to tumors. In addition, a study published in 2019 found that treatments for colon cancer featuring squalene combined with chemotherapy were actually 10 times more effective at killing cancerous cells compared with chemotherapy alone. While nobody is claiming that squalene should be used as an alternative to cancer treatments, it does hold potential for providing both preventative and treatment-enhancing benefits.

5. May Help to Treat Fatty Liver Disease

Squalene’s ability to increase fat metabolism may enable it to play a role in hampering the development of fatty liver disease. While this benefit is very much in the process of being studied, it is something that anyone who is interested in launching a squalene product should be looking at closely. According to Harvard Health, fatty liver disease now affects more than one in four adults globally. The benefits of squalene could have big implications for reversing this devastating, life-threatening disease.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Squalene

As news about squalene benefits spreads, consumers are going to be adding this compound to their list of must-have supplements. Icelandirect is here to help you formulate your product using our white-label manufacturing process. We’re the name countless best-selling brands choose for bulk fish oil supplements

Using high-quality production and carefully sourced ingredients, our team can help you to unlock the benefits of squalene within a high-end formulation. Both new and established brands looking to bring products offering squalene benefits to the market can confidently put their name on products created at our carefully monitored production facilities in New Jersey. Contact us today to learn more!

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