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Human Grade Fish Oil Supplier for Pet Products

Providing the Finest Human Grade Fish Oil for Pet Products

More people are taking the health of their pets seriously. One consumer trend that’s been growing is people purchasing fish oil for pets. While we’re all familiar of the benefits that fish oil offers to humans, what many companies aren’t aware of is how beneficial fish oil for pets can be for a wide variety of health issues. Here is a quick guide on what you need to know about this new product opportunity.

Health Benefits of Supplementing Fish Oil for Dogs, Cats and Pets

Fish oil for dogs and fish oil for cats can improve the quality of their coats, help manage skin conditions, support their joints and benefit heart health. As you know, many breeds of dogs suffer from hip dysplasia which is the deterioration of the hip joints. Along with supplements like glucosamine and collagen, fish oil for dogs can be of great help for breeds that have a tendency to succumb to this health issue.

Fish oil for cats also offer many benefits to our feline friends. Fish oil is known for having anti inflammatory properties. As a result, fish oil for cats can be used to help prevent cancer or support cats undergoing cancer treatment. Like fish oil for dogs, cats will also improvement in their coat and skin conditions. It’s important to note that you cannot give the same fish oil you take to your pets. You must specifically purchase fish oil for cats and dogs due to the dosage.

The Problem with Fish Oil for Dogs, Cats and Pets

More pet owners are realizing all the harmful ingredients that pet food companies are putting in their products. As a result, pet owners are looking to purchase pet food and supplements from companies that use high quality ingredients that are safe for pets. That’s the same case with fish oil for pets. You cannot assume that the fish oil for dogs and cats you buy online are safe.

You want to buy fish oil for cats and dogs that are human grade. Like their human grade counterpart, fish oil for dogs can accumulate mercury, PCBs and other toxins that can actually do more harm than good. This is especially the case if the fish oil is derived from factory farmed fish that are raised and managed poorly. Pet owners want to make sure that they’re buying fish oil for pets that they would personally have no problem taking themselves.

The Perfect Reason to Start Selling Fish Oil for Dogs, Cats and Pets

If you’re already selling fish oil to your customers, then the current state of the pet food industry should be all the reason you need to add fish oil for pets to your product line. There is a growing demand for human grade fish oil for pets. You can’t overlook the fact that pet owners view their pets as another member of their family.

By marketing your fish oil for pets as human grade, you’ll win the business of many of your customers. It may also lead more opportunities to produce and sell high quality pet supplements to your customers. If this is something that you want to pursue, let Icelandirect help. We are leaders in the fish oil industry and have been known for sourcing from the cleanest waters and manufacturing high quality products.

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