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USDA Certification

The USDA, or United States Department of Agriculture, oversees the safety and efficacy of foods and supplements in the country. When it comes to supplements the USDA wants to make sure that the labeling meets the organization’s guidelines.

For example, you can see many things listed on supplement labels. This includes the serving sizes, quantity, list of ingredients, amount of sugar, etc. It’s important that your product abides by these regulations if you want it to stay on the shelves.
When it comes specifically to supplements the FDA and USDA work together to advise businesses on how to properly label products. You want to make sure that your product meets FDA and USDA guidelines because mistakes can lead to heavy penalties.
The most common USDA certification that you often see on supplement labels is the USDA organic logo. This indicates that the product can be trusted to be an organic product, following strict farming guidelines for the ingredients that make up the product.
Having a USDA label for your product can be very helpful in your marketing. This shows that your product has met the standards set by the government. Just like the FDA approved logo, it’s an official government seal proving that your product can be trusted.
This label is also important if you’re marketing to consumers that put a lot of emphasis on their health and specifically look for organic products. If you’re going after this market, it will help to look for a private label product that has the certification if you are not formulating a product yourself.
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