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Prop 65 Certification

Proposition 65 is a sort of warning you find in many consumer products sold in California. It is only required in the state of California to warn consumers about the risks that a product may pose. The main idea is to provide warnings about certain chemicals in a product that can cause cancer and other negative health conditions.
While selling a product that requires you to have the proposition 65 warning seems like a downside for your product, it is required if you are selling products in California. The good news is that consumers, for the most part, are not swayed away from products with this warning label. There are a few reasons for this.
The first is that the label is quite ubiquitous. It is more like a regulatory label rather than a label that’s designed to scare consumers. Second, the label also doesn’t mean that your product is toxic or harmful. It may contain trace amounts of the chemicals that California has deemed potentially harmful. Finally, the proposition 65 warning appears in a wide variety of consumer products sold in California. Many California residents are aware of this.
If your product needs to have a proposition 65 warning, it may be helpful to explain why it has this warning to your customers on your website. California has its OEHHA website that lists over 900 chemicals that may be hazardous to people. At the same time, it’s important to note that many of the chemicals have not been scientifically validated to cause cancer in people.
Conveying this information may help assure some potential customers if they are unsure about your product.
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