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Iceland Premium Certification

While fish oils are one of the most popular supplements, the quality of fish oil products currently available on the market needs to be addressed. There have been many stories that demonstrate that some fish oil products have high levels of mercury and PCBs. Consumers want more transparency into the quality of the fish oil products they are buying.

The Iceland Premium label helps provide the much-needed transparency. Iceland is one of the world’s largest suppliers of seafood products. It is known for supplying high-quality products, especially when it comes to fish oil supplements.
The Iceland Premium label helps convey to consumers that they are getting the best fish oil product that they can possibly get. What makes Iceland Premium label different is the following:

– The label indicates that fresh products and high-quality fish are used for the product

– It assures quality control when it comes to manufacturing. Everything from rendering, processing, encapsulation, packaging, to warehousing is done to the most stringent standards.

– There is a procedure for removing mercury and heavy metals from the final product. Other contaminants like PCBs, pesticides, and dioxin are also removed to be far below regulatory levels.

– There is regular batch testing to ensure product safety and quality. Third-party testing labs are even used to provide objective results.

If you’re looking to get into the fish oil market, it’s becoming more important to assure the quality of your product. The Iceland Premium Imported label tells consumers that your product comes directly from Iceland and is produced using the highest standards possible in the industry.
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