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GOED Omega-3 Certification

GOED is short for Global Organization for EPA & DHA omega-3s. As you may know, omega-3 supplements such as fish oil have become one of the most popular products in the consumer market. The problem is that many products that consist of low quality or even harmful ingredients.

For instance, there have been reports about certain fish oils having high mercury levels or PCB levels in consumer reports. This means that low-quality supplements can do more harm than good. Consumers have very little means to figure out which EPA & DHA omega-3 supplements they can trust.

This is where the GOED comes in. The GOED is an organization that certifies products that meets their standard of quality. By marketing a product with the GOED certification, you are showing to your audience and customers that your product can be trusted. The product will stand out from competing products that do not have their quality assured.
This is important as more consumers are doing research into the supplement and nutrition products they’re purchasing. They want to ensure that the product they are buying is safe, nutritionally dense, and of high quality. The GOED label will add credibility and trust, especially if you are able to explain what the certification means to consumers that are unaware.
The GOED certification becomes even more important when you start to realize that omega-3 supplements go far beyond fish oils for adults. There are omega-3 supplements for infants, foods, pets, vegans, and more. The certification can be applied for a wide variety of omega-3 products.
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