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Friend Sea Certification

Friend of the Sea is a certification program that shows that you are a fishery or that you source from a fishery that partakes in sustainable fishing practices. Overfishing is a global problem as the number of people that consume seafood is outpacing the supply available. As a result, fish stocks are quickly being depleted.
If you are selling a product like fish oil, you want to show that your product is coming from a sustainable source. The organization will provide certification if you meet their criteria. These criteria include the following:

– The fish are coming from a stock that’s not at risk or not being over-exploited.

– The fishing practices are not damaging the seabed which is common with certain trawling methods.

– The fishery is compliant with local quotas and follow rules in terms of what kinds of tools can and cannot be used.

– The fisheries do not pollute the areas where they are fishing.

More consumers are becoming aware of overfishing and are trying to make better choices in what products they consume. As a result, it’s important to communicate that you are sourcing your products from fisheries that are certified by Friend of the Sea. This inspires confidence in your product and helps it stand out from competing products in the market.
If you can find fisheries that have the certification from Friend of the Sea, you can use this credibility factor and source from these fisheries to use the logo and increase the selling power of your supplement.
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