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Friend of the Earth Certification

When it comes to food products and supplements, very few companies focus on letting their customers that they partake in sustainable practices. The Friend of the Earth certification is a logo that helps communicate this vital information to consumers.
Whether you’re selling food products or supplements, the certification logo shows that you are a responsible company. The certification ensures the following:

– Wild fauna and flora are protected in your farming practices.

– You’ve put measures to protect the health of the soil and water system.

– Hazardous chemicals are not used.

– You are responsible about how to deal with waste

The farming industry is known for overlooking the environment. The industry is known for clearing out land for farming without regard for the local ecosystem. The focus is often on monocrops that lead to soil exhaustion. And of course, the farming industry is known for its heavy use of pesticides and insecticides that damage the soil and local ecosystem.
Products that have the Friend of the Earth certification are listed on the organization’s website. Consumers can use the website to look for products and companies within their country. The listings will provide an overview of the product and company as well as a link to the company’s website.
Overall, getting the Friend of the Earth certification can be valuable for your product if you are selling to consumers that buy organic products. This group of consumers also tend to be responsible in their part as a consumer and will often look for companies that reflect their values.
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