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APPA Certification

The pet health market was valued at $47.1 billion dollars worldwide and is expected to continue growing. In the past, consumers were only looking for affordable pet health products but this behavior is slowly changing. Consumers want high-quality products for their pets and many are willing to pay the premium price.
Just like how consumers look for labels and certification in health supplements for humans, they are also looking for certification for pet health products. APPA, or the American Pet Products Association, is a group that oversees products in the pet industry. They help with the regulatory process in the pet industry.

Making sure that the pet product you’re selling is perceived as credible is very important. There are a wide variety of products that consumers now purchase. The list includes everything from dog vitamins, digestion aids, to pet fish oils.

With the APPA label, you’re showing that your company belongs to an international organization that overlooks the entire pet industry. You are also showing that you are following regulatory practices in the industry. This means that your product is more likely to be safe for pets compared to other products that are not part of the organization.

While the APPA label isn’t something that every consumer will understand, more people will start to become aware of the label. It took several years for other certifications and labels to be understood. With APPA, growing at a very rapid rate each year, you want your product to be positioned to benefit from the organization’s growth.
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