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Squalane Vs. Squalene: Which One Is Better Skincare Ingredient?

Anyone who wants healthy, youthful skin will be interested in finding the best skincare squalane supplement. If you’re marketing supplements to today’s consumers, you probably know how popular skincare products are. Shark-derived squalane is now a popular ingredient in products for the skin and hair. A related substance, squalene, is also found in many products. Let’s explore these two substances and see which is better for skincare.

Squalane Vs. Squalene
Squalane Vs. Squalene

What Are Squalane and Squalene?

There’s only a single letter difference between squalene and squalane, so it’s easy to get them confused. The two are closely related as squalane is derived from squalene. The two substances, however, interact differently with the environment. Many people are seeking products to hydrate the skin and keep it healthy. The human body contains a chemical called squalene that naturally nourishes skin cells. Like many beneficial substances, however, the body makes less squalene as we age. That’s one reason that, by the time you reach approximately age 30, the skin starts to show signs of aging. 

Squalene, as it exists in humans, animals and certain plants is not an ideal ingredient for skincare supplements as it quickly degenerates when exposed to oxygen. However, if squalene is hydrogenated and turned into squalane, it becomes more stable. For this reason, you’ll see squalane rather than squalene listed as an active ingredient in skincare supplements. In this form, squalene lasts longer and is more beneficial to the skin. When seeking the best squalene supplement, you’ll actually be looking for products that contain squalane.


Squalane Oil Benefits For Skin

If you find the best skincare squalane supplement, you’re likely to notice many improvements. The following are some key benefits of squalane.

  • Appropriate for all skin types. Many skincare products are made especially for certain types of skin such as dry or oily. Squalane has a beneficial effect on all types of skin. 
  • Moisturizes the skin. Squalane is good for keeping the skin hydrated and healthy looking.
  • Reduces redness and dark spots. The skin can turn red for a number of reasons, such as allergies, rashes due to conditions such as dermatitis, exposure to sun or cold and other reasons. Squalane can reduce temporary redness. Similarly, it covers dark spots and gives the skin a more even tone. 
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles. Wrinkles and lines are a common sign of aging skin. Squalane supports collagen production, which helps reduce lines and wrinkles on the face and other areas.
  • Soothes skin irritations. Squalane can help soothe skin that’s irritated from chapping, allergies, insect bites and other causes.


Squalane Hair Benefits 

Squalane oil can also be applied to the hair. Like the skin, it’s important to keep hair moisturized. Squalane can help keep the hair hydrated, prevent breakage and give shine and texture to the hair. Squalane products may be suitable for the skin, hair or both. When choosing a supplement, be sure to understand how it’s meant to be used. 


What Are Typical Squalane Oil Ingredients?

Squalane supplements can be made from either plant or animal sources. Depending on the manufacturer, they may also contain other active ingredients for skincare. Shark derived squalane is quite common as squalene can be found in the liver of sharks. However, squalane can also be found in plants, which is useful for vegans and anyone who prefers to avoid animal products. 

Squalene can be extracted from olives and there are ample benefits of olive squalane oil for skin. While shark-derived squalane has the highest concentrations of the substance, some people prefer products from plant-derived sources. Both olive and shark-based squalane are beneficial to the skin and hair. Glycerin, another common skincare ingredient, may also be found in squalane products. When choosing a supplement for your business, be sure to check the squalane oil ingredients used by the provider. 


How to Find the Best Squalane Supplement

If you are looking to market the best skincare squalane supplement, it’s important to find a supplier that you can trust. You want to sell quality products to your customers so you can build your reputation. IcelanDirect makes a variety of nutritional supplements, including some of the world’s purest fish oil and omega-3 products. All of their products are made with quality ingredients that are sustainably harvested. IcelanDirect makes both olive and shark-derived squalane products. This provides customers with a choice between animal and plant-based products.

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