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HGO3 Pet

Fish oil is known for its anti-flammatory properties and its benefit to heart health in humans. The same benefits can be observed in pets. Fish oil has also been seen to help with pet skin issues, maintain coat health, maintain hip/joint health, and more. That’s why the fish oil market has expanded to dogs and cats.

The challenge with fish oil for pets is that they are often low-quality. They may not undergo checks for contaminants such as PCBs and mercury, so some supplements may actually do more harm than good. This is changing with the HGO3 Pet products offered by Icelandirect.
The HGO3 Pet products is a human-grade fish oil for pets. However, the cost of this fish oil is drastically lower than the average human-grade fish oil products. Many pet owners do purchase fish oil for their pets but aren’t willing to pay premium rates for the best products.
The HGO3 product line fills a demand for consumers looking for a quality products for their pets without having to pay a steep price. And to indicate that the fish oil is human-grade quality, the HGO3 label will be applied for products sourced from Icelandirect.
This is a great opportunity to market to pet owners that are already buying fish oil for their pets. Selling the HGO3 products will also help you stand out from competitors as long as you make the effort to communicate how HGO3 products are different from the industry standard products. The price point will also prove to be very attractive to many pet owners.
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